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    Like many other posters in these forums, I’ve always been confused about which spa menu item is what. With the help of the handy search button in these forums, and some personal experiences from visiting the spa many times, I’ve compiled a partial guide to what some of them are.

    Spa prices as of July 2023 can be found here: Rose Spa - Menu With Prices, Jan. 2023

    Tantric Fantasy

    Detailed description (in comparison to sensual couples ritual):
    “First off, there are no blindfolds and no feathers in the tantric massage. The blindfold can be a positive or a negative depending on what you like. The women still get their bullet and get very well taken care of, but what was new is the men get a vibrating ring. Mine broke unfortunately so I can't give a full review. I would describe the men's experience from the masseuse as a lot of "open" handed and forearm action. Definitely preferable to the feather, but still not a full on grip it and rip it. They also encourage the men to do a lot of guided self play while watching their girl. The interaction between the couples was a little different too in that during the sensual massage there was a lot more time for foreplay between us, whereas the tantric was more getting right down to business. If you really liked very end of the sensual massage where they guide you while you get down to business then you will love the new tantric option.”​
    Source: Other Vacation Recommendations And New Tantric Ritual Review

    Erotic Tantric Fantasy
    -Never done it, but crowdsourced details welcome!

    Individual Tantric Fantasy
    -Never done it, but crowdsourced details welcome!

    Sensual (Couples) Ritual

    Official Description: Share a sensual experience with your partner, where the combination of soft touches and essential oils will aid in releasing both physical and mental tension, taking you to the point of full relaxation.
    Source: Temptation Experience Online Shop | Shop
    • Not a massage, soft touches with hands
    • Sales will push you hard to upgrade from this to the Tantric Fantasy
    • Eligible for resort credits/40% loyalty credit
    • Source: Massage Experiences
    • "masseuses do not touch your genital area, but they will help you and your partner do that to each other, in a hot, sensual, erotic, sexy experience that ends with you having 30 minutes in the room with the hot tub all to yourselves"
    • The room is already set up when you walk in, mood music, dark with some red light lighting up the room.
    • Source: First Timers Full Ttr Review! - Booking, Food, Fun, Massage, And More!
    "You get to choose the sex of your masseuse. They will test the senses of EVERY part of your body. Feathers, warm oil, a vibrator for me (they let you keep), etc… And the most important answer, yes it came with a happy ending! They create an erotic moment and eventually help you and your partner engage sexually, a little help to start and then leave you to finish.”​
    Source: Massages....

    Pure Seduction Ritual
    -Never done it, but crowdsourced details welcome!

    Eat Me Ritual
    -Never done it, but crowdsourced details welcome!

    Roses & Connection Ritual
    -Never done it, but crowdsourced details welcome!

    Rose Couples Massage

    Official Description: A combination of our therapeutic and VIP massages that utilizes a blend of techniques, including deep tissue, reflexology, and hot stones, providing the perfect tension release. In addition, enjoy sparkling wine and sweet delights.
    Source: Temptation Experience Online Shop | Shop
    • This is just the regular 80 min “VIP” massage for 2 people that uses a combination of techniques, but they give you some chocolate covered strawberries and a glass of rose each as part of the massage
    • Note that if you’re paying with the 40% loyalty credit, then you pay full price on the 80 min massages, rather than this discounted rate: as of July 2023, that means 2 x $195 = $390, instead of the menu price of $365
    • Source: I’ve done this one personally in Jan. 2023

    Tantalizing Couples Massage
    • Similar to Rose Couples, this one is either the regular 50 min deep tissue or relaxation/light pressure massage (I can’t remember which one it was)
    • Same deal, if paying with the 40% loyalty credit, you don’t get the implied discount and have to pay regular price on 2 of the regular massages
    • Source: I’ve done this one personally in Jan. 2023

    Moonlight Massage
    -Never done it, but crowdsourced details welcome!

    OTHER ITEMS (not on the main menu)
    Awakening Sexual Sensual Massage
    - details here: Awakening Sexual Sensual Massage Review - 2022

    VIP Massage
    Based on the description for the Rose VIP Couples Massage, this is a blend of modalities, including deep tissue, reflexology, and hot stones

    Relaxing Massage
    This is a light pressure, more Swedish style massage. It is VERY relaxing though, but not necessarily pain or trigger point relieving.

    Deep Tissue Massage
    This is the one you get if you want to be “beat up” lol.
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