You know you live or you've lived in Mexico when...

Discussion in 'Living in Cancun' started by Ana, Apr 28, 2009.

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    -A wedding is at 8:00 p.m., you get there at 10:00 p.m. and nobody has arrived yet.

    -You will often have lunch and dinner at the same restaurant on the same day... without actually leaving

    -You believe a shot of tequila cures everything.

    -You have more prescription drugs in your toiletry bag than Eckerd does and you don't have an actual prescription for a single one.

    -You bring along small cans of chilies when traveling to Europe.

    -Leaving the office at 5:00 p.m. means working a "half day".

    -Returning to the office after "la comida" on Friday means you're "un pinche gato".

    -You blame the traffic on the rich.

    -You blame the crime on the poor.

    -You blame the PRI for almost everything else.

    -You blame los "pinches gringos" for whatever's left.

    -The word "Puente" means five-day weekend.

    -You enjoy drinking beer with lime, salt, ice, Tabasco sauce and still think it's the orange juice in the morning that gives you heartburn.

    -"Licenciado" is a proper name.

    -If you order the tacos and your friend orders the enchiladas, you're positive the waiter will get it backwards.

    -You go "pssssst" to catch a waiter's attention... in New York City.

    - You refer to "@" as "Arroba" but have no clue what it means.

    -You use the word "este" as a conversational filter... in English.

    -You say "Bueno" when answering a telephone... in English.

    -You say "Mande" when someone calls English.

    -You keep on addressing good friends as barnyard animals. ("Buey" & "Cabron" are the animals most often employed).

    -You refer to a salesman as "maestro"... at Saks Fifth Avenue.

    -You eat tacos, enchiladas, morcilla, moronga, and medula, but believe hamburgers are unhealthy.

    -When someone tells you "I'll call you," you assume that he won't.

    -You know "a ver cuando nos vemos" actually means "I really don't care if I don't see you anytime soon".

    -"Tomorrow" means "not right now", "never", or "screw you."

    -Calling in sick on Monday is proper behavior.

    -You keep a 20-dollar bill taped to the back of your driver's license.

    -If you want 50 people to show up for your party, you invite 150.

    -You call an 80 year-old waiter "joven".

    -You call a twenty year-old waiter "viejo."

    -You call everyone else, "hermano", "mano", or "manito".

    -But you call your real brother, "pendejo."

    -You never refer to a friend's mother as simply "su madre", but always qualify by saying, "su seƱora madre", or "su querida madre", to avoid a misunderstanding which could get you a "madrazo"

    -You profess, "como Mexico no hay dos", but secretly wish Mexico City was more like San Antonio
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    Welcome back Ana, long time no see. My Mom is here and sends her love too. Maybe we can get to catch up before she goes back?
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  4. CancunCanuck

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    Love that list, thanks for the giggle!
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    I got this in an email last week, but the version I got blamed the PAN for everything else!
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    Cancun woooo
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    oh my! it made me laugh a lot!!!! thnx for the giggling post... after being locked up for so long i finally got something good hahahaha

    thnx again ana!

    ps. they are all soooo true lol
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