yet more insurance questions?

Discussion in 'Living in Cancun' started by playagrandma, May 18, 2010.

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    as seen before here on another thread-my husband is looking into getting the IMSS insurance. However, we are not 100% sold on him getting this.

    I am now looking into bupa for him? Anyone have this insurance and any comments good or bad would be appreciated. The premiums looked very affordable and the critical care policy is exactly what we were looking for.

    Trying to find out if this policy is accepted at Hospiten or any hosptial in Playa. I did see where it covered three in Playa. The office for this insurance is based in Mexico City.

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    Health Insurance

    Good luck with your search, grandma.

    BUPA is a well known provider of insurance. I have it, but I have the international version, offered through "ihi dot com". I've not looked at the policies offered by BUPA, Mexico, so I won't comment on those but, speaking generally-

    Some important considerations for anyone seeking private health insurance coverage are that it be, 1) "renewable for life" (that is, the insurance is in effect so long as the premiums are paid); that it be, 2) "non-cancelable" (I've known a number of people who simply got a notice in the mail one day, informing them their insurance had been canceled, no reason given!); and, that it be, 3) "transparent" as to premiums charged for each class of insureds (they must fully disclose what they charge others in the same rating class and, what they are currently charging for those in the age classes that lie above your present one, so that you can adequately evaluate the degree to which premiums will escalate with age). Of equal importance is the definition of, and conditions under which, pre-existing conditions will be covered, as stated in the policy.

    Policies which state they may be canceled, or claims denied, if there was any misrepresentation in the application should be scrutinized closely, as this may be stretched to deny claims under the most mundane of circumstances.
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