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Discussion in 'Living in Cancun' started by CancunNurse, Dec 8, 2010.

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    I am Give A Toy Get A Smile's Kid-in-charge. Every year, we give away hundreds of toys to the poor and sick children here in Cancun. We support the Little Yellow Schoolhouse on Isla Mujeres, Learning to Live with AIDS-HIV, School for Children with Exceptional Needs, The Hospital General Christmas morning, La Casita, a Single mom's neighborhood in Puerto Juarez and 2 or 3 villages outside of Cancun, all by donation from the tourists that visit Cancun. I wrap each of the children's gifts and make sure the gift is age appropriate and write their names on their gift. I am running out of wrapping paper and would like to ask anyone in the community...if you have some old paper from last year or can afford to donate 2 or 3 rolls, it would help so much. I make my own labels but can't afford to print out paper on the computer, and part of the fun of getting a present is opening up the paper! I really hate to use the money I collect for toys to buy wrapping paper, so .....
    If possible, much appreciated. Good Holiday's to All!
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