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    My wife and I stayed in Cancun for 31 days during the months of June-July 2008 and we had the pleasure of having major dental work (bridges, crowns, root canals, and general restorative care) completed at Clinica American Smile. I would not normally consider dental visits to be pleasant, but Dr. Mauricio Grassi and Dr. Andy Meyers helped make us feel comfortable and at ease with having our work done in Mexico. We were given contact numbers where we could reach Dr. Grassi any time of day or night if we had issues with our teeth. Dr. Grassi is multi-linguistic and speaks good English, eliminating or drastically reducing the fear of not being able to communicate do to a language barrier. Dr. Meyers specializes in endodontics and has an office in New York, but also spends considerable time in Cancun. We were also given contact numbers for Dr. Meyers when he was in town.

    Dr. Meyers performed my root canal, which was my first root canal, and it went off without a glitch. It was so easy, I could have fallen asleep during the procedure. Dr. Grassi prepared my tooth for the crown and made the temporary crown, which actually looked like a real tooth. In the states, my wife has had a couple temporary crown made that only slightly resembled a real tooth. The completed crown fit good and looks fantastic. Dr. Grassi also filled three cavities with little to no discomfort on my part. He always seemed concerned with our comfort.

    Cheri my wife, had extensive restorative work including 2 3-unit bridges, one root canal, one crown, and one filling. Dr. Grassi performed all of her work and she was very satisfied with the end result.

    In regard to the cost of our work, the prices were very reasonable, especially in comparison with prices in the United States. The prices were also reasonable in regards to local Cancun prices. I am sure you will not be disappointed in the prices either. If you check prices at Dental Maya (they charge American prices in Cancun) it will corroborate my own findings. Dr. Meyer's wonderful wife Nancy was available most of the time since she helps manage the office. If problems would have arisen, I was assured that Nancy would help, and I know she would have.

    As an added bonus, Clinica American Smile also has the availability of a fantastic masseuse named Lupita. The cost was only $35 Us dollars for an hour. Cheri and I both had two massages each that were absolutely the best we have ever had. Both Cheri and myself feel that we were touched by an angel named Lupita. I cannot stress how wonderful the massage was.

    We are going back to Cancun in December 2008, and plan on having even more work completed.

    If you have any questions, send me a message through Cancun Care.
    You can also contact Nancy meyers (CancunNurse on this web site) for questions concerning Clinica American Smile.
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