Will New Mexico/Cuba Agreement Help?

Discussion in 'Living in Cancun' started by Jim in Cancun, Oct 21, 2008.

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    It's WAY North of 4,000 if you count all of Mexico, and its a mix of drug gangs and the traffickers. The problem is there HAVE been innocents shot, killed, and disappeared, these animals don't go to sniper school and learn the one shot one kill method, rather, they spray bullets all over hoping to hit their target. Just this last year, they sprayed a bus that was behind the person they were aiming for, and in another instance they killed their target and his young son that was sitting in next to him (shooting THRU the boy to get him!), so these animals have ZERO respect for life, and will mow down 10 innocents to get the 1 guy they want.

    They also kidnap and kill the families, friends, and associates of their targets as well, so, you are very wrong in your statement. I understand where your coming from, "just let them all kill each other" is a common sentiment.... its just not realistic.

    Not to mention the adverse negative effect it has on the country in places like tourism, investments, and the general security.

    I wish there was a magic wand, but sadly this is something that I fear will never end, as no matter what the laws, there will always be people who just don't respect life or care about others.
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    And if they report a shooting where only baddies got nailed do any of you actually trust whoever it is who makes that statement?

    I don't. It seems to me that in Mexico there is such little faith in cops, in justice and in the system that it's almost in the public interest to misreport shootings so that it looks like the bad guys are just killing themselves off and no innocents were hurt. If an innocent is shot they can just report that he had ties to the mob and, poof, everyone thinks a guilty person died.

    The other thing that I'm very aware with all this mafia activity going on here is that it's a slippery slope when you get involved in organized crime. It can start with little things, but once a mafioso would face prison if convicted it's easy for that person to go on to worse crimes, like killing people, to avoid jail.

    And they can't kill each other off anyway because Mexico is breeding mafia-wannabes faster than the mafias are growing here. There are waiting lists to get in to the mafias in Mexico...

    For many people here getting involved in organized crime is their only shot at the middle class...or at least at being able to own that huge new Lobo redneck pick-up truck with the tinted windows...
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    Very true... I've thought how easy it would be for someone to "off" somebody and just put some drugs in their pocket and walk away. the police here seem to do little or no investigating unless its a high profile case, and would just write it up as another "narco" murder.... and that would be it. .....& I'm sure I'm not the only one who this has occurred to, so I cant help but wonder how many of the "narco" deaths have nothing to do with drugs, the "mafia", or organized crime at all.....
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    Mexico hires cops and public officials with little or no experience or training. In fact, lately it seems that one of the biggest criteria for hiring is if they think you are honest!! They make you take integrity tests and personality tests...but training is not a big part of it.

    I can't imagine that cops here have good training in how to properly conduct an investigation of a crime...I'm betting I know more about evidence collection from all those hours I spend watching CSI reruns...
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    How can I apply? Maybe I would be on the right side to be protected... :mad:

    Maybe that would be my only option to recover from the losses I found in my studio after my tenant screwed it all.. And he was NOT a Mexican. :evil:
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