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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by drdavidge, Jan 27, 2007.

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    Hey guys.. haven't been on this board since two years ago, the last time I went to Cancun.

    I've been looking for some options this past week and saw a nice deal for the Oasis Cancun, apparently where everyone stays. But with all of this I have been hearing about the construction going on at the Oasis, I can't decide where to book our trip now. Here's a list of low priced options I found on Orbitz: http://www.drdavidge.com/hotels.jpg. What do you guys think is a good all inclusive place thats good for a bunch of single guys for spring break? We stayed at the Caribbean Village 2 years ago and thought that place was okay but nothing that special. Thanks in advance!
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    erk, you list is to teeny to see it!

    however, that being said. aside from the oasis, there are a bunch of great places to stay

    the tucancun, the gran caribe real, the barcelo costa, the list can go on.

    what exactly are you looking for. cause ifyou want something thats a bit less dos playas or caribbean princess are good choices as well
  3. drdavidge

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    haha, your browser must be automatically shrinking it. try putting your mouse over the image and an option to expand it should come up somewhere.

    the $1200 range is what we are looking for, flying out of newark NJ, direct flight and an all inclusive package at the hotel for food and drinks.
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    any of the oasis hotels you choose, you can go to the oasis cancun for free for the day if thats what youre looking for. the viva is quite quiet.

    any of the hotels i mentioned above should be in your price range as well.

    some of the ones on your list are not in the hotel zone. one is on isla mujeres and i dnot even know if the avalon grand is open again? maybe it is if they are offering it..but i'd be careful.

    i noticed that a few of the hotels on your list is in playa del carmen as well.

    i hear the omni is nice, but its more family oriented?

    but still close to hte oasis so if you want to walk the beach, you can join in on the festivies
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    I've been to Cancun several times.. of those ones Ive stayed at.. the Carisa Y Palma, the Flamingo, and Tucancun were under 1200 for the weeK.

    Carisa y Palma is in the perfect location... maybe ... 100 steps from Coco Bongo and the city.. but when i was there there was no food and it was the furthest thing from all inclusive

    The Flamingo is right across the street from Margaritaville and Pat O's. No real structure to drunken games and contests during the day.. but the staff is awesome and the hotel's kinda small so you really get to know everyone whos stayin that week ur there

    The tucancun had the games and stuff durin the day... not a bad place at all.. kinda far out there though.
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    Orbitz has a couple vacation package promotion codes available.

    $150 off 4 night package - 150SUNNY
    $200 off 5 night package - INTL200
    $300 off 7 night package - 300SUNNY

    I used the $200 off one for my trip.
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    Keep in mind most of the hotel on that list aren't resortsd and they are just hotels...FYI

    As for that list, if you are willing to bear with the construction and somewhat bad reviews I would say the Oasis Cancun for the best Party really. But then you have options for other hotels.

    You can try the Oasis Viva, Tucancun, Gran Caribe Real, Gran Costa Real as well they are offered by many spring break companies as well so you know they will have a younger clientelle there for sure :lol:
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