Where shall we hang out?

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by exzit, Feb 24, 2007.

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    Hello everybody!
    as ive mentioned me and my friends are going to Cancun the 6th of March and arriving back home the 29 or something..

    Since this is the firts time we are in Cancun I just wondering where we should hang around if we wanna party as much as we can! :).. Which beach, which Clubs etc...

    It feels a little like we are gonna miss alot, like bikini-contests, conserts and that kind of stuff just because we dont live at the Oasis Cancun? We live down town.. Is it possible to buy all kind of passes and tickets for fun stuff down there? or do we have to do it before we arrive to cancun?..

    Appreciate if someone can explain all these things to me?

    And what is the "bands" that all ppl have around their hands on all the spring break photos and movies? is that all exclusive passes or what is it?
    We want to :p hahaha..

    Well just tell us how we experience the most party and how we meet the best ppl in cancun during our time :p...


    Sry if my english is bad! :p
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    Hey dudes

    Don't worry there's plenty to do!

    You can buy day passes to Oasis just walk in and pay

    The wrist bands you see are...

    You get one from your hotel, and if you pay for all inclusive access at the clubs rather than just the cover you get a band so they know to give you free beer :D

    All inclusive access in the clubs is usually around $30 - $50

    Well worth every penny...I see you signed up for the Cancuncare boat party too...That will be fun too see you there!!
  3. whdream

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    Just cause you aren't at the Oasis doesn't mean you can't get a day pass and enjoy the fun there. And don't forget you will have a party going on at your hotel as well, it is Spring Break!!

    The clubs to hit, are Daddy Rocks/Daddy O's
    Coco Bongos
    Bull Dogs
    Ultra Lounge
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