What's With All The Bachelor Party Interest?

Discussion in 'Temptation Cancun Forum' started by Stacia_and_John, Mar 16, 2020.

  1. TonyandLisa

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    I remember some guys kept throwing a football in the pool, the second time it hit me, I threw it on the roof of Margarita's lol.
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  2. FakeNewsTeam

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    Simple answer as others have posted, and as has been since the renovation...follow de money!

    I have posted this several times.
    Large investments need large returns to pay the bills and to not go bankrupt.
    The banks/investors need to be paid before any profits.
    They need a cash infusion.
    Heck, just look at what has been going on with the Premier Memberships and push to upgrade by squeezing the benefits.

    I am sure that the owners had/have hired professionals to advise them on this and many other demographic topics BEFORE renovating and REBRANDING.

    Although long timers and older folks have more disposable income (like us), there are simply not enough of us that fit the niche and to pay the bills.

    Hence, a new market...like the b-parties, singles, younger crowd, etc.
    And of course the Vegas style party scene with bottle service, uncharges out the ying-yang, etc.
    More what the younger crowd knows from all the various cable tv shows.
    They were born into it and have lived only it.
    Cannot blame them.

    Now, us older folk or old timers who built the place are somewhat expendable as we have served our need.
    And unfortunately, will get too old or unhealthy to visit...or will simply just die off.

    There are a lot more of the younger generation to tap into and hence the shift in demographic and various groups such as the b-parties, singles, take over groups...yada yada yada.

    We still like it but when we do not any longer will head to the Desire(s) or other pending new properties and spend less time at TTR.
    Unless it becomes totally unacceptable we will still visit.
    I do not believe it will and there is way too much hype about this.
    One thing humans do not like is change, but change is inevitable...and things are a changing, like it or not.
    As others have posted, we all have our own likes, dislikes, and opinions...and can post them here.
    And as always, all can always decide not to visit...that is our choice.

    I wish everyone health and safety in these coming months and hope to see you at TTR once again.
  3. matchandherbetterhalf

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    Dec 9, 2017
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    Not sure what Sean and I will do if TTR changes to the point that we lose interest. We are definitely well outside Original's target demographic! I would hope that if you book during the biggest CCC periods (Feb, April, May, Labour Day, Halloween). the vibe will continue to suit us. Also, we will try to arrange to travel at the same time as a few friends, which we did for this April's aborted trip.

    Having said that, when we went the first week of July 2019 when there was no CCC presence, the vibe was still good, and the average age appeared to be 40-ish. So like @FakeNewsTeam I am not fussed at this point about the attempt to shift the demographic.

    We are not at all sure we will like the small-resort format of Desire, but that's where we might end up eventually when we age-out of TTR LOL. "Desire: Where Party Animals Go to Die". How's that for a marketing slogan? ;)

    Vegas is quick for us to get to from Vancouver, and we like the toptional pool at Mandalay Bay (Moorea) on weekdays when it is not packed with twenty-somethings, so perhaps we might do more trips to Vegas. But Vegas is only good for a few days at a time, unlike Mexico. And no theme nights in Vegas! :rolleyes:
  4. Stacia_and_John

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    Vegas is relatively quick for us as well (Cancun is 2 hour flight, Vegas is 3), but it's so much more expensive that we often joke while in Vegas, "Wow, for what I've spent this weekend I could've spent a week" at either TTR/DRM.

    Pricey, and always going up, Vegas. Fun though.
  5. Restling

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    I would guess we are a long way from that changing, if ever.
  6. wwmur12

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    Mar 1, 2020
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    I hope we’re not helping the fact that couples are changing their plans to vacation because we’re having a bachelor at TTR. We’re all married and just want to have fun, I can assure everyone we’re going with are going to behave lol
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