What's ur craziest Vegas adventure?

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by DLASTPRINCESS, Apr 3, 2008.


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    I'll start...
    Last year went to Vegas for NBA All Star Weekend with 3 of my friends and 2 girls that were friends of friends. (bad idea). So the first night we are getting ready to go out, we all taking shots of Goose and Patron. In the limo my friend was like I' drunk. No one believed her. We get into the Nike party at Tao, it was open bar so we get Air Force Ones martinis and more champagne. So off I go to dance, then some guy comes to get me and says my friend was sick in the bathroom. I go find her and it's actually 2 of my friends. As I bring them out one falls down on the ground and the other was staggering. The manager then arrives and ask us to follow him. So its 2 drunk girls, me and another friend. So he leads us down some back stairs and I'm asking him to just let them sit for awhile. Meanwhile I hear my "sober" friend saying, "how you doing, whats ur name, can we talk?" to the security thats kicking us out. Then my other friend falls down the stair and loses her shoes. So he said nope you have to go. I get the girls outside and go inside to find the rest of the group. Next thing I see all the NBA players are coming in. I see Kobe, Amare, Rasheed, Jermaine, everyone and its only midnight, we were in the club for 30 minutes. So I get the other 2 girls. We can't find our limo so we look for cabs. This causes a problem for drunk people and my friends starting yelling and trying to fight these other girls. I'm walking holding up two drunk girls and the rest of the girls are screaming at each other. We finally get in line for a cab. As we are waiting my friend keeps saying she has to pee. After 10 minutes she says F*ck it and PISSES on herself in front of everyone. You can see pee going down the side walk. Everyone is laughing and she doesnt care, its just running down her legs. Finally get in the cab and she pees in the cab. We get back to the condo and we are locked out. Then my other friend has to pee. I look away for a second, she walks away and strips naked except for her pumps and goes to the middle of the yard and starts to pee.We finally get inside and I put everyone to bed. Crazy b*tches!!!!
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