what stores are big in your neck of the woods

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by mikie c, Dec 19, 2006.

  1. mitchellfam

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    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. rikib004

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    Jul 11, 2005
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    Yorkshire, England
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    Running low on funds are we Bragg :lol: :wink: :wink:
  3. mikie c

    mikie c Guest

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    SURVEY SAYS , you can't get away from walmart, no matter were you are. And there are alot of dollar stores popping up in my area too lately. Yes, yes on this the 19th day of the 12th month from now on will be survey day.
  4. lambert13

    lambert13 Guest

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    We have...

    liquor stores a plenty
    gun stores
    porn shops
    pawn shops
    bodegas/cocaine dealers
    Kennedy fried Chicken

    Yep, I live in the ghetto and I love it.
  5. Ant95

    Ant95 Guest

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    every 10 feet in ct (well at least new haven are) there is a subway or a dunkin donuts, its absolutely ridicolous there are even subways in walmart, in east haven where i live there is about 20 liquor stores in a suburb of new haven, lets see cant forget the lovely walgreens and cvs that a new one is built every 2 months, along with chinese food places and italian delis
  6. Ian

    Ian Guest

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    Looking at your avatar and myspace piccies Ant I would never have guessed so :lol: :lol:

    Ian :lol:
  7. AussieBabe

    AussieBabe Guest

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    Out of the original list we only have Target and K-Mart, but they're australian owned versions so they're similar but not quite the same, we also have Myer, David Jones, Bunnings, Harvey Norman, Officeworks, Big W & Priceline, all the standard fast food places excluding donut & mexican places and add in Fish & Chips, Charcoal chicken and salad/health food shops. We have millions of cafe's here and we have a few Starbucks but Gloria Jeans outnumbers it big time - Love our coffee in Melbourne :) Also Burger King is known as Hungry Jacks here, haha.
    Biggest sit down chain resturant where I am would be La Porchetta an italian chain and another place people go alot is the local pub for a counter meal, always good value :D
    We have a few large grocery store chains, Coles, Safeway/Woolworths, Aldi & BiLo
  8. Ant95

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    lmfao off ian, no subway would not give me the plumpness that u see in my pics that would be my mommas homecooking (insert italian/momma joke here please) and cheese, proscuitto, sausage, olive oil, pasta, etc, i do eat subway alot only b/c of the 7 subs under 6 grams of fat thing (insert next joke here) i do dispise of dunkin donuts, i cant stand the people i see on my way to work/school who are in the drive thru that ushers into the street b/c they cant start their day without dunkin donuts
  9. Kait13

    Kait13 Guest

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    i like starbucks better than gloria jeans

    and ant, we have like 348975 subways in my college town.... we have one in walmart then one no joke 3 doors down in the same shopping plaza and then one like 2 streets away :roll:
  10. jenfleur

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    AussieBabe, do you go to Boost Juice? I love that place, yum to the smoothies.
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