What is it that makes a good property manager?

Discussion in 'Living in Cancun' started by davisod, Aug 15, 2008.

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    We have a condo out on the 307 close to the Puerto Morelos intersection and are considering hiring a property manager. Who of you out there, in the PM area, has a property manager looking after the place when you're away? What is it that makes a good property manager? And what do the good ones charge for their service(s)?
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    Property Managers

    I gave up on them last year after 2 different property managers presented two different types of problems. One was renting to people I specifically asked him not to rent to and then using my condo as a home base for his family to use our pool without asking. The second property manager had cleaning people who were not always on the up and up and things would disappear. One day my neighbor called to say my dehumidifier and extension cord had disappeared out of my bathroom. Called the P.M. to claimed they were still there. Long story short....no more business with them. So, fortunately I've worked out a plan with my neighbor for now to keep an eye on my place and pay my CFE online through Bancomer. Paying my bills always seemed to be the only reason I needed them. I don't rent my unit any longer but if I did that would be the only reason I would look for a new one.

    We are looking for a new administrator for our building though in PDC. Any thoughts on that would be appreciated.
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