what about the planes ????

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by darkladydi, Apr 30, 2009.

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    one of the reasons i cancelled my trip on 5/12 is what you can pick up on the plane. is anything being done to sanitize the planes? is it even possible?
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    At the Cancun airport, and I imagine at most major airports, there are teams whose jobs it is to sanitize the planes after they land. I'm not saying they do a good job, but they are supposed to wipe down all the surfaces that people touch between every flight.

    The problem with planes is breathing the same air as that sick baby in the seat behind you or having that weird guy next to you cough through the whole flight. It's not so much that the plane is dirty it's that the people on it are dirty.

    I don't fully understand airplane ventilation systems but when the cabin is pressurized it's my understanding that more air than normal is circulated. So I think that the germs that guy in the back of the plane is coughing out get circled around the plane pretty well giving everyone a chance to breathe them in. This would explain why so many of us catch bugs on planes.
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    My daughter and sister are both flight attendants. (each for a different airline) both are still working no dire warnings, with the exception if they notice a sick passenger try to contain that paseenger, if possible, offer them a face mask and hand santizer, and report this passenger for further examination.

    We traveled during bird flu and SARS, This flu sounds no more than regular flu. Use common sense this in not the plaque. My opinion, this is great for politicians as the USA is pouring $$ into this and I am sure the $$ will be sneezed and coughed away.

    No one wants the flu,but for greats sake, why stop your life? The panic (IMO) is uncalled for. Wash your hands (use hand santizer) drink plenty of water, common sense. By the way antibiotics do nothing for viral infections. If a antibiotics made you feel better it was not the flu.
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