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    Yes, you heard right, we will take you to snorkel with sharks. Actually these are giant Whale Sharks. Whale Sharks eat plankton by filtering the ocean water; they don't even have teeth!


    Every year from mid-May through mid-September the Whale Sharks migrate through waters off of Cancun's coast. During this time we have the rare opportunity to swim beside the gentle giants.

    A little about Whale Sharks: They are the largest fish in the ocean, they swim slowly at the surface filtering the plankton out of the water, Whale Sharks are not aggressive (unless you are plankton).

    The tour includes pickup at your Cancun hotel to go to the marina. We leave early each morning, about 7:30 am and return about 2 pm. Depending on the day, the boats reach the Whale Shark area within 1-2 hours. Then snorkelers jump in the open ocean (don't be afraid!) and swim beside the Whale Sharks. Each boat takes about 10 people and snorkelers will go into the ocean in pairs. Each pair will get several turns in the water.

    If there is time we will stop at the reef so everyone can snorkel on the coral reef before heading back to Cancun. You'll have a light lunch of ceviche and sandwiches with bottled water and sodas.

    If you will be in Cancun between mid-May and mid-September you should not miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to snorkel next to a Whale Shark. I have personally done this 4 times and I would jump at the chance to do it again. The Whale Sharks are so big, they are a little intimidating at first, but the thrill and adrenaline you feel when you are in the ocean with them is amazing.

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