We've lost our dog - Reward for her return

Discussion in 'Living in Cancun' started by heatandsun, Nov 25, 2008.

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    YAY!!!! Good news! Glad to hear she was found!
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    The full story on how La Negra got away is that she was being bathed out back, and there was a crash in the parking lot, and everyone went to look, including the person giving Negra her bath, and they didn't shut the gate, and Negra took the opportunity and hit the road, with a piece of rope dragging behind.

    They gave chase, but Negra, having lived on the streets of Isla, knows how to get away when she doesn't want to be caught. She got in with the crowd, and crossed the streets with the people, keeping just a few steps ahead of those giving chase. She apparently went into the ADO bus station and out the other side. They followed her all the way to Mercado 28, where they finally lost her. So that is how my neighbors knew the direction to search - thank goodness! But how they found her in the dark is a miracle, really - they were just about to give up when they came upon her there in the parking lot.

    Negra is now back on Isla, confined to my neighbors yard for a few days while the heart-worm medication does its thing. I should take her mattress and pillows over, I'm sure she is missing her comfy bed.

    Thanks again everyone for the quick replies and offers to help, and to Kelly for offering to go out and search. So glad we have a happy ending.

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