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    It is located at Forum by the Sea Mall, on the second level, near Rainforest Cafe and next to Carl's Jr.

    It's a good sized place. They have outside dining but it was raining so everyone was inside. They are building some steps to go down to the lower level. The water was very high last night, thanks Ike, and it was washing over the first couple of steps coming up from the beach.

    We were a party of 4. Fettucini Alfredo, Monte Cristo (a Bennigans all time favorite, yummy as usual, Burger (best ever in Cancun but it was not shared) and I had the Cajun Chicken and Shrimp Pasta which was great.

    We were out of there for about $160 or so per person including tip.

    Service was friendly, attentive and prompt.

    The only things out of order were some guys lugging cardboard boxes of who knows what through the dining room and near the restrooms was a soft drink dispenser that was in obvious disrepair, probably left over from the last regime.

    I do not hesistate to recommend Bennigans.
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