weather !!!!! 4 days to go!!!

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by steviedni, Jul 17, 2008.

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    I heard the wetaher in cancun at the minute is quite alot of thunderstorms and low pressure causing alot of cloud and rain is this true?? really hope its not its my first time and am looking forward to it so much?? anybody there at the moment please let me no.

    thanks for your help cheers.
  2. Susan in Cancun

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    I'm not sure where you got that information, but is NOT accurate. It is currently SUNNY (blue skies and I don't even see single cloud), hot, and humid. It's in the 90s with about 50% humidity.

    You are likely to have similar weather for your trip. The weather is almost always the same here and I've rarely seen it cloudy and rainy for more than a couple of days (not counting the hurricane Wilma fiasco).
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    It's as hot as hell at the moment. We've not seen any thunderstorms for a couple of weeks now.

    The Internet forecast sites always predict it this time of year, and storms do happen from time to time but not anywhere the frequency the wetaher sites would suggest.

    You can always get a good idea of local sky conditions on my webcam site at : (daylight hours only obviously!)
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