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Discussion in 'Living in Cancun' started by jen***, Jun 27, 2008.

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    Excellent news - get that name choosen then I can start referring to him by name instead of "Baby".
    Hope you are well and staying positive and motivated.
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    Thanks Steve,
    We're 5 months and a bit (about a week)

    Cheers Tracey, yes we are very motivated. Took a trip to Galenia so that's all checked out.
    Really looking forward to meeting with you again, you so helped us just in the time you were at the house.

    We're working on a name, Oliver has been turned down by hubby on numerous occasions even though I love the name. Maybe Christpher or Benjamin.
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    When I had my daughter we picked a girl's name at 5 months but up to the day of delivery never settled on a boy's name. (We did not know the gender until she was born.) Good thing we didn't need a boy's name.

    If you can't decide on one name then give him two first names. Also be sure to take into account possible nicknames, you don't want to saddle a kid with a name that has yucky nicknames.
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    How about Simon Cuauhtemoc? :) :wink:

    I love Oliver too though, for some reason when I see cute little British boys I want to call them all Simon. Too much Duran Duran in my youth perhaps? :wink:
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