We are not just a BBG board! Votes Please!

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by Steve, Feb 24, 2003.


Shall we have a new 'BBG Lounge' Forum???

  1. Yes - Good idea

  2. No - Leave it as it is

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  1. Steve

    Steve Administrator Owner

    Feb 14, 2003
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    Please remember that although you need to be a registered user you dont need to post a message to vote.

    I was wondering about the views of users regarding the large number of Blue Bay Getaway posts on the forum. The board was never intended to be so dominated by BBG posts and I know it has put a few people off coming here as they think that we are primarily a BBG site and nothing else. Since Michelle, Klaw, Suzie, I and many other posters are BBG fans we kind of have more posts regarding the BBG than any other hotel.

    While I think it's great that we have so many BBG repeat offenders - I believe that makes us the No1 source for info about that hotel on the net without exception, but I also appreciate that there are many users who may not be BBG inclined and get a little fed up of seeing so many posts about that single subject. We dont want to put people off posting their non BBG questions, comments and reports.

    Michelle and I discussed a while ago about making a new category of forum 'BBG Lounge' where BBG regs could get together and discuss their favourite hotel, without intruding on the general Cancun info that is the bread and butter of the forum and what it was originally designed for. Those that didn't want to read the BBG info could skip that sub forum altogether.

    So the poll is do you think that a BBG Lounge subforum would contribute to the overall aim of the board, which as I see it, is to promote chat about Cancun and the many wonderful hotels, activities, and fun times to be had in general? or do you think that the BBG posts dont detract from the overall aim?

    Once again, please remember that although you need to be a registered user you dont need to post a message to vote. Lets have some input guys!

    And while you're in the voting mood don't forget the AI or EP question thread below.
  2. Michael F.

    Michael F. Moderator/1st CC Member Registered Member

    Feb 17, 2003
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    Good idea.

    I posed that suggestion to Chip in the first month of her participation in this forum, but was told it was unneccesary. However, I still think it would be good to sort out a large "catagory" of posts. For myself, I know several straight threads or posts of the same resort...gets to be old...especially if I know this will never be the "right" resort for me whenever T and I return to 'cun.

  3. Mikey

    Mikey Guest

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    Eventhough I have never been to the BBG, it would be a good idea, not because of bandwidth or anything its just that the info that could gained and saved would be great, plus if enough info is gathered there I could make an info sheet for there.
  4. NormsKid

    NormsKid Guest

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    I have always thought that a separate forum was the best way to go because people who visit BBG tend to be looking for slightly different information than those who prefer the other resorts.

    Also, due to the "R" rated nature of some of the activities I think MANY people who read BBG trip reports find some of the content to be more than they thought they were going to be reading about. Some actually found a few postings/reports to be offensive in nature and I don't think the average person should be blindly subjected to that on a message board.

    If you have a separate lounge, then people can simply read the description of the lounge and they can be warned ahead of time that some postings might contain some things like bathroom ratings, descriptions of nude activity that someone saw, or whatever.

    The other benefit is that if the lounge was separate, folks who come back can post their report and those who want to ask questions about a particular employee or any new construction, etc. can do so without boring the heck out of the rest of the board members who could care less if the video bar was finished. I would love to bombard those who just got back with questions, but I don't feel it's right to overload the board like that in it's present form.

    There's no doubt in my mind that this board has the most accurate information about BBG, the most Premier Club members, and the most re-peat offenders. I think the best approach is to cater as much as possible to ALL the board members and satisfy those who don't want to read about BBG all the time and still allow a place for those BBG Junkies to chat.

    The bottom line though is that it's your message board and you have to do what you think is in your best interest. Other board owners have done things in the past and lost traffic as a result of decisions they did or didn't make. This is just one of those same things in my opinion.

  5. Cdn Cat

    Cdn Cat Guest

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    Separate Lounge Area

    I have not been to the BBG but enjoy reading everyone's trip reports just the same. I agree that it might be a good idea to have a separate area in case there are people that don't bother with this board thinking that it is pretty much BBG repeat offenders board. I was starting to think that at first, but the maturitiy level of this board is one of the reasons that keeps me coming back, and as a couple of my friends keep telling me "My Cancun addiction..." they just don't understand.... :wink:
  6. Jim and Kathy in Ohio

    Jim and Kathy in Ohio Guest

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    When I was researching potential resorts to visit in Cancun, I found many boards, and opinions, usefull that helped me make my final decision. I never relied on any one persons opinion of a resort, but weeded through the good and the bad to decide where/what i wanted.

    As a soon to be repeater, I enjoyed the many different views of resorts and activities, but i agree that many of the posts are BBG related. Maybe that's because we have been there, done that, loved it, and want others to enjoy what we have experienced.

    Other forums have had resort "bashers" that have nothing positive to say,even though he/she has never visited BBG, or other resorts. At least here I believe all of the members present an honest opinion, good and bad, of what to expect.

    Steve, you and Michelle own this forum, i visit it daily to read about everyone's experiences, positive and negative, when visiting Cancun. i read it to learn, share, and day dream. If a separate lounge is necessary, save me a seat.

  7. Dave & Mo

    Dave & Mo Guest

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    Well I guess I'm the only "No - Leave it like it is" vote.

    My fear in changing it is that I think it WILL become the BBG ONLY board that everyone says they don't want it to become. BBG Lounge will BE the board.

    As it stands now there is a lot of BBG stuff but it's mixed with other input. The majority of the posters are BBG'ers and that's fine. I enjoy the "exploits" of the BBG'ers even though we will not likely go there other than maybe a day trip. We're way too attached to having an ocean view with crashing waves.

    Obviously, Steve it's your decision. Just wanted to throw my 2cents in and let you know that I fear for the continuance of the board as other than a BBG Baord.

  8. Klaw

    Klaw Guest

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    I agree with the majority that a separate BBG lounge forum ould be a good idea.

    So many of us love BBG but not everyone is going to be interested in the things we are.

    It would give us a chance to ttalk about BBG without having to worry that someone might be offended by the descriptions of the activites etc.

    And, the lounge obviously wouldn't be locked to only BBG fans. Anyone who wanted to view the forum could, and those who wanted to skip over the BBG posts could just skip the forum altogether.

  9. Jodi MN

    Jodi MN Guest

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    I think a BBG lounge is a great idea for BBG chit-chat, however, I hope people will still post their BBG trip reports on the main board. I enjoy reading the BBG reports, many of them are quite humorous. I think if the main message board didn't appear to be dominated by BBG posts, more people would feel comfortable posting here. :D
  10. Sexy Suzie

    Sexy Suzie Guest

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    This was pretty straight forward for us, and we cast our vote for splitting off BBG onto it's own. It agrees with the "organizational" side of my brain, and we could foresee the BBG repeat offenders community getting stronger by having their own forum. Anybody else could come in and lurk or participate, but it would become their option, rather than having to sift through all the threads for meaningful information.

    Then we read Dave and Mos's post above, and suddenly things were not so simple. I think they are correct in believing that there is a high risk that the general board will take second seat to the "BBG Board".

    But maybe that's not a bad thing either. It all comes down to what you are trying to accomplish with this board. Whether you intended to or not, you have made a major contribution to building and maintaining the BBG "myth", and have helped cement together a community that is strong, commited, a tad off centre, and (most importantly of all) rapidly growing.

    While it is your board, and your decision, it's a tough one.
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