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Discussion in 'Living in Cancun' started by T.J., Mar 30, 2007.

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    A month or so ago I saw a guy paying for a nice looking rolled up carpet. He was at the register and told me it was $443. I went and picked one out as this was great quality, nice colors and I needed something for under the dining table. This baby was 4' x 6' (In meters of course)

    I went to the same exact register he was out and the same cashier was on duty. She rang it up and then just looked at the rug, then at the register and then at me. She repeated this 3 times. I kept asking what the problem was and she did not answer, but did turn on the flashing light for a manager. A lady came and asked what the problem was and the cashier said it rang at $443. The manager looked at the item and there were actually two price tags, one on each end, but both with $443.

    She asked the cashier why she was called over and she said it was too cheap in her opinion. The manager gave her a dirty look, told her to take my money and apologized to me.

    I went home and told my friends what happened and one said he wanted one. So we went back in less than 20 minutes from when I left. Every similar rug was now priced at $1,001. So we headed out to another Walmart and beat the price changer and he bought one.

    Good news - Bad news: Two days later his dog ate the rug.
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    Great storey!!! Love it! My dog would eat the rug, and the receipt, and the couch and...he's a chewer...
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    :lol: love it, that's excellent!
    My dog would probably pee on it!

    TJ, will get back to you later re your e-mail, just waiting for some news from my suegra!
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