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Discussion in 'Living in Cancun' started by Cancuna, Sep 7, 2012.

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    Subject attracts attention on this forum; I know most expats are already involved in the most diverse areas of volunteering.

    But some newcomers may be looking.

    Nutritional education or disseminating healthy diets is strikingly and urgently needed.

    I don't yet know of local organizations working on this domain. I shall enquire.

    Now, please let's not engage in comparison misery (whether one should work on child poverty or wife battering or environmental protection), nor on reductionist script such as "'with pauperic budgets they cannot afford spinach and apples, so they're stuck eating sausages and cheese.''

    The people with the highest obesity rate on this planet need our help.

    Each one of us can make a difference. Even on a personal level, in our daily interactions with locals, if we are willing to engage on the topic. We can propagate the discourse, share recipes, etc.

    Without wanting to sound like a''wise-guy'' I jsimply wish to call your attention and engagement in helping out with this fundamental health/social problem.
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