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    How does a guy go about getting a reserved seat at Coco Bongo, we have been there 3 times but have never figured out how to get reserve seating. Do you buy in advance or what ? Please let em know . We are comin down again the end of January or beginning of February.
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    What we do is turn up on the night and, if we dont already have someone we know who works there, we seek out someone who looks official. The Captains normally wear a different color shirt (usually white) to the regular waiters. Captains are managers who look after a team of waiters.

    Give the Captain a tip, and also the waiter he introduces you to and you'll be sorted.

    Best to turn up earlyish for the above, while there is still space left. Although (somewhat embarrasingly) people have been kicked out of their seats or asked to squeeze up to make space for us.

    You can also phone ahead and make a reservation - not really sure how that works in practice though.
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    We did almost exactly what Steve described when we were there two weeks ago. Worked out very well until the place got real packed with people. Once it got real crowded the drink service from our waiter sort of stopped and there were too many people crowded around for us to sit at our table. It probably depends on how crowded it is on the night you go and where your table is.

    With or without a table it is still a good time. In general I absolutely hate clubs, but I still had a good night at Coco Bongo.

    Forgot to mention that we got a table by slipping a "chief" a 200 peso bill. Once we got into the club I started asking people who we would have to talk to to get a table on the second floor so we could really see the shows. They pointed us to the right guy and he took care of everything and got us our waiter.
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