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Discussion in 'Free For All' started by Epic & Jewel, Apr 13, 2018.

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    Ok, I seem to have unintentionally hijacked an otherwise very hot photo thread by @Rich with a discussion of pools and music in Vegas. If you are reading this, first go check out the pic of Rich and Jo who are making their first visit to Temptation in a few weeks. Comment on how smoking hot Jo is then come back here for the discussion.

    We are heading to Vegas in late May for EDC week (yes we enjoy EDM) and are looking for input on the best topless pools to visit while we are there. We have only been to Moorea which we did enjoy.

    Maybe some of you have some experience at the others you would be willing to share.
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    Ha! No worries buddy! As a vegas local our favorite pool is the one in my profile pic and happens to be in my backyard - hard to beat the convenience and you’ll save hundreds on the bar tab! If we are going to the strip to a topless pool we always end up at Bare (Mirage). It’s smaller and laid back till later in the afternoon when everyone’s liquid lunch starts to kick in. We look forward to meeting you guys @Epic & Jewel at Moorea when you’re in town.

    We’ve also been to Encore’s and Caesar’s topless pools...both much bigger and quieter.
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