Valentine's Day 5K, Cancun

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    Looks like Sunday, February 14, will be a popular day for runs as the City of Cancun will be sponsoring two running events on that day- a 5K, and a 3K, with prizes for couples who cross the finish line "hand in hand".

    The 3K for couples, and the 5K for everybody else, will start at 0730 AM.

    Registration can be as late as the morning of the race. For individuals, registration is 30 pesos; for couples, 50 pesos. Registration will be at the Kuchil Baxal Gymnasium, on the territory of the Casa de la Cultura and the Instituto de Deportes, on the Prolongation of Yaxchilan, across from LaSalle College, in Cancun.

    Trophies will be presented to the first three finishers in each class: Juvenil, 12-18; Libre, 19-40; Master, 40-49; Veteranos, 50 and above. There will be separate classes for men, and women.

    Recommended attire, in keeping with the occasion, RED and WHITE!

    The race will start in front of LaSalle College.

    For those trying one of these races for the first time, this will be an excellent opportunity, with the early hour guaranteeing no one suffers from the heat.

    There is a relaxed atmosphere at these events, and most of the participants casual runners out to have a good time. Many will complete the run as a run/walk, so a very high level of fitness is not required.

    As always, massages, water in route and at the finish, oranges and other fruits, will be provided free to the participants, with Cruz Roja standing by if anyone needs medical assistance.

    Plan to be there.
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