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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by bruuen, Apr 30, 2008.

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    I'm hoping to go to the valentin imperial resort in july. Right now for departures from toronto, i notice a price of $980 in june, but that shoots to an astronomical $1550 in july. According to there own website, there is only a $10 per day increase on room rate between june and july, meaning the added expense must be coming from the flight. How probable is it that the flight price will come down to a more reasonable $1000-1100 range?

    thanks to the experienced travellers for their input!
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    no replies???

    its a shame to see how dead this forum has become, as i've really enjoyed browsing it through the years.
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    I understand you can use and it will tell you when the best time is to fly. Sometimes it's a matter of a day one way or another. Joe and I live in Massachusetts. I used Orbitz the last two times going to Cancun. I always do a search for a promo code (search on promo code Orbitz). This time I got $200 off our entire package. I understand if I wanted to try to book separately I might have gotten $200 off each, but I wasn't that brave.

    I also had some technical problems and called Orbitz to book directly and they had offered me another $200 instantly if I booked a car with my hotel and flight.

    I also played around with the times and found out that if we fly to Miami the night before and stay overnight, we can fly into Cancun and be on the beach by 9 am. We did the same going home and are able to stay in Cancun until very late in the day. So we were able to get those travel days back because we didn't mind flying out Thursday night and coming home on Saturday am. The other bonus is that the flight came in at 10 am after staying over in Miami the night before.

    I also played around with the day and time I booked and found that the later in the day on Wednesday, it seemed the price kept going down. That appears to me that mid-week is the best time to book travel, but maybe it was only a fluke.

    The bottom line is the techniques I stumbled upon saved us hundreds and hundreds of dollars, got us two full days back in Cancun that would have been used as travel because we were flexible in how we went. I think breaking the trip up and staying over night in Miami was nice. Just wish we were able to take an earlier flight to Miami to enjoy being there. That was purely a personal work schedule issue. Hope this helps~
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