Update to Beach Recovery Program April 23, 2009

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    The details of the Environmental Impact Study which must be approved by the Government "EPA" before any work can be done have just been made public.

    1.- It is submitted in the name of the Bank of Mexico as holder of the Trust in charge of the work.

    2.- Supposedly it was delivered on April 2, 2009. The government has up to 3 months to make a ruling.

    3.- It includes rebuilding the beaches in Cancun, Playa and Cozumel and the installation of "structures" to prevent future erosion.

    4.- In Cancun this includes 12+ linear kilometers of beeach from Punta Cancun (Hyatt Regency) to Punta Nizuc (Club Med)that will initially leave 80 yards of dry beach which after normal wave movement will leave 40 meters and then finally a minimum of 20 yards of beach in that area. This will require injecting 5.6 million cubic meters of sand onto the beach. This sand is to come from the 2 sand banks "La Ollita" off the coast of Isla Mujeres (the one they used last time)and "Punta Norte" off of Cozumel. Both the governments and inhabitants of those 2 islands have shown opposition to the use of "their" sand for the project.

    5.- The "structure" to prevent future erosion will be located between the coast line and Islote Golondrinas(?). It will be about 304 yards long and weigh about 16,245 metric tons, formed by concrete cubes.

    6.- Cost of the rebuilding and the structures is estimated at $650 million pesos which include $180 million for the structure and $26 million for environmental supervision during and for one month after the work.

    7.- In Playa del Carmen: The work is to rebuild 12,823 yards of heavily eroded beach (1.823 Kms) in 2 stages..

    First stage: fill 4.2 kilometers starting at Playacar Phase 1 to the cruise dock. They will use 800,000 cubic meters of sand from “Punta Norte” sand bank in Cozumel.

    The plan there too is to have 89(sic--probably 80) yards to begin with that will eventually end up being between 20-40 yards wide measured from the hotels.

    They will also build a "structure" 150 yards long parallel to the coast line.

    Cost here is $90 million pesos which include $22.5 million for the mobilization, set up and tear down of equipment of dredging tubing and machinery required, $37.5 million for the work to be done and for the supervision, $3 million more.

    8.- Finally, in Cozumel: They will rebuild 1.5 kilometers of beach at the northeast of the island forming 35-40 meters of beach at at the peak, 15 meters.

    To do this, they will spread out 130,000 cubic meters of sand which will come from the Punta Norte sand bank. The "structure" will be installed perpendicular to the coast and will measure 54 meters long for a cost of $54 million pesos for the whole project.
    I used 1 meter=1 yard
    This is information from http://www.elperiodico.com.mx/5945/publica-semarnat-mia-de-las-playas/

    As an addition to the original post:
    1.- It is now dow to 7 companies bidding. According to the official website for this, www.compranet.gob.mx , Van Oord Dredging And Marine Contractors B.V., Mexicana De Dragados, S.A. De C.V., Dragamex, S.A. De C.V., Consorcio Corporativo de Construcción en México S. A. De C. V.,Dredging International NV y Petrodomos Servicios Industriales S.A de C,V purchased the necessary information to participate in the bidding. Petrodomos Servicios Industriales S.A de C.V., is the only company that decided to participate this time that did not participate the first time.

    2.- The meeting was held yesterday to clear up any questions and according to the program, the signing of the contract with the winning bidder will be on May 3, 2009 and they will start work in Cancun on June 4, 2009 and finish on October 10 in the middle of hurricane season.

    3.- Project completion time is still at 151 working days.

    4.- Collocation of the necessary equipment for the Cancun process will be between June 3-10, 2009 while the construction of the "structures" to impede more erosion that will be located at Punta Nizuc and Punta Cancun will begin the week of May 3 and will be finsihed between the 21-23 of September.
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    Thanks for the update info, Jim

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    Yes, a big THANKS Jim!
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    good news so far!
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