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    Went to padre two years ago. It's nothing special in my opinion. The parties/clubs weren't that great, but i still had a lot of fun. I love the bus system in cancun and there is nothing like it in padre. Cabs, while relatively inexpensive, can be hard to come by. DO NOT BRING GLASS ONTO THE BEACH. My friend had glass bottles in his cooler and was just walking on the beach and the cops stopped him and searched it. It was a pretty expensive fine.
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    I've got several friends who have been to Padre and loved it. Unfortunately, I myself have not been which is a shame because it's only about a 6 hr drive away! I need to go sometime.

    If you make it to DFW hit me up!
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    been to south padre but not on spring break, still had a good time there so i'd imagine its a good laugh during SB
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