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    Cancun Police Chief Busted in Drug Czar's Torture-Murder

    (Newser) – Federal authorities have arrested Cancun's police chief in the recent torture and murder of a retired general who had just been appointed to a drug-fighting task force, reports CNN. The military has taken over the police force in the beach town popular with college students on spring break. In another sign that the country is spinning dangerously out of control, 21 people were shot dead yesterday in Chihuahua after soldiers battled with a drug gang that had seized nine local hostages.

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    He hasn't been arrested (er, yet?), but he was taken to Mexico City for questioning. The events in Chihuahua were tragic indeed.
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    Just to update, they have arrested the alleged leader of the Zetas of Cancun and his cel for the murders committed last week. While it appears that the police chief was not directly involved in the murders, today's papers suggest that he was protecting the cel. He is still in custody but I have not read of a formal arrest yet.
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