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    Well, this year, we've got a new form to consider, it's form 8938. These information returns are not too onerous, once you figure out what's required, but that can take some time.

    In the section, "who must file", an interesting distinction is made between those U.S. citizens living abroad, and those living in the U.S.

    Read here, for more details-

    Do I need to file Form 8938, “Statement of Specified Foreign Financial Assets�


    Perhaps illustrating the difficulties that even the IRS faces in trying to harmonize all the reporting requirements, they issued a notice on Jan 13 saying that the requirement for attaching this form to your return was temporarily suspended, but without relieving the taxpayer of retro-filing it, once the suspension is lifted! (reference to the notice appears on the first document in the sites listed in this thread)
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