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    Tulum, Mexico is a very popular place for tourist visiting Cancun or the Riviera Maya. It is easily accessible from Cancun as it is only about 1 hour 30 minutes driving from Cancun and a mere 45 minutes from Playa del Carmen.

    Private tours to Tulum ruins includes vehicle and driver, entrance into Tulum, parking & insurance. Lunch is generally not included, however your driver can suggest places along the way. Also a guide inside the ruins is not included. The guide fees are on a graduated scale...the more people you have the more the guide fee is. Cost is about $60 USD - $75 USD.

    The Mayan ruins at Tulum are unique because they are the only ruins the Mayans built on the coast.


    Tulum is a smaller site of ruins than Chichen Itza. You can see all of Tulum ruins in about 2 hours. For this reason, Tulum makes the perfect combo starter. Some folks want to see Mayan ruins, but not ALL DAY. Tulum is nice because you can tour the ruins for a bit, then either snorkel in Xel-ha, swim with Sea Turtles in Akumal, or climb the ruins of Coba.

    Tulum Express Tour: If you are looking for a quick tour just to Tulum, we can do that in just a half-day. If there is something else you are wanting to see on your Tulum tour day, just send me a message for more info.
    Check prices and availability here.

    Tulum & Xel-ha Combo Tour: This is one of my favorite tour combos and a great way to please everyone if you are planning for a group of any size. You can go first to Tulum, spend as much or little time there, then head on over to Xel-ha to swim in the cool water. At Xel-ha it is all inclusive so all of your food, drink, snorkeling equipment, towels and lockers are included.
    Check prices and availability here.

    Tulum & Coba Tour: For a real Mayan cultural experience, you cannot go wrong with this combo. I like to go to Coba first, climb the ruins, then go to Tulum. Again, lunch is not included and you'll want to plan on being in Tulum around lunchtime as there are not really any restaurants by Coba. You can also add on swimming in cenote (caverns) by Coba ruins.
    Check prices and availability here.

    Tulum & Akumal Sea Turtles: After you finish touring Tulum your private tour driver is waiting in the parking lot to take you over to Akumal (about a 15 minute drive) to snorkel with the sea turtles in their natural environment.
    Check prices and availability here.

    For a full list of all Tulum Tour options click here.

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