Tulum Ruins, anyone?

Discussion in 'Desire Resort Forum' started by SandD, Sep 24, 2018.

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    Hey there, everyone. We know this is a long shot, and doesn't make the most sense given the limited amount of time we all have at the resort which we have already paid for, BUT.........

    We are transferring from DRM on the 21st of October 2018 (Sunday) to TTR. This will be our 3d trip to DRM and 2d to TTR...check out at DRM being 11, and check in at TTR being at 3, we were thinking about taking in the Tulum ruins and maybe Xcaret or a cenote or something during that day. We have looked at tours, but most of them want to pick up at the resort WAYYYY earlier than we really want to be up and at 'em. We have found some private tours that will pick up at any time you Desire...but they charge a flat fee, which is for up to 10 people, meaning the more, the merrier and less expensive...

    We have also seen that there may be some clothing optional cenotes and perhaps a topless beach at Tulum that could round out the trip nicely. On our first trip, we made the early morning trip to Chichen Itza and it was absolutely amazing, albiet a long day. In all, it was definitely one of the most, if not the most, memorable experience of all of our trips (at least the one we can tell friends and family about, and a disclaimer--we were sober so that may help with memory;)). We would like to see Tulum as well, and so are wondering if there would be any other couples that will be there during that time that would be interested in joining a private tour. It sounds like it's about an hour and fifteen minutes or so from the resort.

    Thanks for reading!
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    We’re wanting to do the same in November. If you do decide to go, which it would have been today, let us know how it was. We’re looking for sexy beaches, clubs, or hotels.
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