TTR or GOV for first trip?

Discussion in 'Grand Oasis Viva' started by hotbath1962, Apr 9, 2014.

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    From everything I read if you are the bring the party with you the Viva the way to go but if you want the party to come to you go to TTR
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    Been to both a few weeks ago. The big difference you can walk in at Temptation anytime and you will have a great time and meet fun people. Viva if you go as a group you will have fun but the same is true if you go as a groupe to the holiday in you will have fun. GOV was very boring and no real adult sexy vibe. We spent a week at Temptation then paid for 4 days at GOV and left after 1.5 days and returned to Temptation. It is sad when we talked to the entertaining staff at GOV and they think they are doing a good job. Their entertainment is about the same as you would get at a family resort. We could not stay there one more minute. This mistake cost us a 1000$ but staying there was going to frustrate us and a frustrated wife priceless hahahahhahah go to gov if you want to relax
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    Getting way too $$$

    We haven't been to gov, but have been to temptations on a few trips, love it, but have seen the cost there increase by almost 70% from three years ago. It's fun, but not worth the asking price now. I hear gov is a snore, lol compared to temptations which is fun.
    But we can do two vacations for the price of one to temptations. It's good, but not that good that they can increase cost like that. But demand is demand and it's the only resort that offers what we're looking for which is fun and open minded without the orgy atmosphere.
    Our cost from Canada 2012 was $1160.00/ per person
    Just finished searching for winter 2015, cheapest $1800.00/ per person
    It's not worth $1800.
    There are nicer resorts with better scenery and beaches for that kind of cash
    Well miss it, but time to move on.
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