Ttr And Boob Cruise For A Week.

Discussion in 'Temptation Cancun' started by tw1mempho, Jun 28, 2023.

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    We just got back. Had a great time. The staff and employees are as caring and personal as ever. The guests are sometimes a little over the top but if you can handle the little stuff , it is no big deal.
    I'm 72, my wife ( well lets just say she is 18 +++.) The steps are a challenge, but you are going to find that at most Cancun hotels. especially the older ones. the food is nothing to get too excited about. Breakfast is still the best meal of the day for us. The drinks are ok. Feel like they are cutting corners as much as possible.
    JJ and his team has cut down on team members , at least on our week. JJ is out there mostly at the 3 pm gig. Then he lets the rest of the team carry on. He is still the best.
    The boob cruise (we went on a monday and it was not to be missed.) They have not cut back on Steve and his group are the greatest.

    If we are lucky I am hoping to be back as a 73 year old.

    Go , have fun , and enjoy.
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