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    T.R. Nov. 16-23.

    We flew out of Denver on AeroMexico, non stop and arrived just after noon.
    They served us a decent lunch and no charge for a bloody mary and a beer. Can you believe it! At 250.00 pp. Our friends paid way more with a layover and a bag of peanuts.

    The original plan was to stay with 2 other couples the first 3 nights.
    Our friends picked us up at the airport and off tho the Mayan Palace. BTW... customs was a breeze. As we dove up to the resort, my first impression was "this place is way to frikin big"

    As is our custom, the first thing we want to do is stick our toes in the ocean. After almost a 10 minute walk from the room, huge disappointment. Nearly a mile stretch of beach and it was unusable. All rock :mad:

    I will say the pool was something. One of the largest in the world but we want the ocean.

    Went to dinner for my big 50. Food was just OK and very expensive.

    The next morning we decided to check into the Westin 2 days early.
    Let the vacation begin. Now I know alot of posters aren't real keen on the Westin but we love it. Our 7th stay since 2002. It doesn't hurt that 7 of our bartenders have been there the whole time. We paid for maybe half of our drinks

    We did something different this time. For 30.00 per night we upgraded to "the Beach Club" It's a separate wing from the main hotel. For the upgrade we got private check in, free health club, 1 hour of free internet, our own pool and best of all, a 3 hr breakfast buffet, 2 1/2 hr dinner buffet including an open bar.

    That left us free to do our favorites for lunch like market 28.

    Of course we spent a day on Isla M. For 4.00 pp we spent a good part of the day at Garrafone de Castilla beach club, snorkeling.

    Then it came the day to leave. our flight was at 3:00 so we had some beach time in the morning. Got to our gat and there was a 1/2 hour delay. No biggie. After that passed they announced a 2-2 1/2 hour delay. We collected our 15.00 food vouchers and hung out. After that time passed we were having a beer next to the gate. The departure board said 19:00 hrs. I looked up again and it read 6:00+. Yep, cancelled. they unloaded our luggage and bussed us to various hotels. It was about 10pm now and we were told we needed to be in the lobby at 4am. That's a 3am wake up call.

    6am departed on time. Got in our front door at noon and slept away most of the day.


    I'll try to add some pictures ASAP

    Jimmy and Faith
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    Short but sweet!! Happy you enjoyed it....... on a side note I really hope Cancun invests some more money on their beaches......... what used to be wonderful beaches are now rocks...... so hopefully they can get the money to really invest in adding to their beaches.
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    Westin Beach

    I have to say, the beach at the Westin is amazing.

    In '02- '04 you couldn't walk from one end to the other. The water was up to the sea wall at the center of the resort.

    Post Wilma that same spot is at least ten yards to the water. And the beach on either side is at least 20 yards and more towards club med. And no rocks to speak of.

    Near Club Med we had the unique pleasure of seeing a newly hatched sea turtle making its way to the water. The kids were smoothing out the sand to make a path for the little guy. He had quite a ways to go.

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