Trip report to Isla Mujeres & Cancun, June 19-26, 2008

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by amers, Jul 8, 2008.

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    Another trip to my favorite place on earth has come and gone already. In June, my husband and our two kids decided to take a week this time to spend part of our summer vacation on Isla Mujeres and part of the trip in Cancun. (this is kind of long, sorry!)

    Our trip started out on June 19th, our flight was pretty uneventful (thankfully) and actually pleasant. We were switched a couple of months ago to a North West Airlines flight, but it worked out fine. J We are used to traveling to Cancun on Sun Country, so this time we just made sure that we had lots of food and snacks for the kids. Once we got to the airport we had our suitcases right away, my husband got the red light for the first time (our 6th trip) but it went just fine. Outside waiting for us without a problem was Cancun Valet, and we were off to the ferry. We actually got to the ferry just in time for the 4:00 one, with no waiting. It was kind of a cloudy day, so we didn’t get very many good pictures that day, but it was ok. We were doing this trip on the “cheap” side, so we were staying at El Messon del Bucaneros, right on Hidalgo. It was nice enough for us, clean and it also had a mini kitchenette which was great to have with the kids. We dumped our stuff in the room, and went down to North Beach across from the Posada del Mar hotel. The water wasn’t super warm since it was so cloudy, but it was nice to be in it. By the time we were back at the hotel to figure out dinner, it was about 6:30, later than we normally eat with the kids, and our son was getting a bad headache. My husband and daughter went to eat at Don Chepos, while my son and I stayed back to get rid of the headache. They came back later with some tacos for us, and his headache was gone. (they also had stopped off at the grocery store and bought some drinks and stuff for breakfast to have at the hotel) That night at about 9:00 pm we heard some drums on the street, and saw the guy that dances around with fire and does some gymnastics. It was pretty cool, and our hotel room had a skinny balcony so we could see it from our room.

    The next day, June 20th, we just ate breakfast in our room, did some picture taking (and also got fresh OJ that was wonderful) and then got our snorkeling stuff and swimsuits on and headed to Garrafon Castilla Beach Club. This little spot is next to the expensive Garrafon Park, but it costs about $4.00 US and there is great snorkeling there. We stayed there all morning and had lunch there too, and then headed back to the hotel. We decided to go over to the beach in front of Cabanas Maria del Mar and hang out. The water was sooo clear, beautiful, felt great and just hung out. That night we ate dinner at Rolandi’s and had Margarita pizza, Hawaiian pizza and hubby had the Isla calazone. The food was great, and then we just did some looking around at the shops. Again about 9:00 we heard the drums and saw the fire guy.

    Now we are already at June 21st, and this day started out with breakfast in the room again. We then went to see the Turtle Farm, and it was really a cool thing to do. I think it was about $2.00 per person, and a bargain. They had some baby turtles that we each got to hold, and a bunch of other turtles that we don’t see in Minnesota. I had the video camera going, and at one point I did get splashed by one of the turtles so I was done with that. After that we quickly ate lunch in our room, and then headed to the beach again. Again, we went in front of Cabanas Maria del Mar and had a great time. That night we had dinner again at Don Chepos and I had my drink that I like so much there, the Crazy Monkey. J Then we just did some shopping and saw the fire guy again.

    Well, June 22nd started with what looked like was going to be a bad storm at about 6:30 am. It lasted less than an hour, but the trees were waving and a lot of rain was coming down. When it was done there was a ton of standing water in the street, but eventually it did go away. We decided to head out to Punta Sure that morning, before it got too hot, as the kids had never been there before. We went up to the top of the lighthouse, what a view! Then we paid our money to look at the sculptures, walked around the path down by the water for a while and then went to the spot that is the farthest East of Mexico. (the first place the sun touches in Mexico) Then we ate lunch again in the room, and went back to “our” beach. We ate dinner that night at La Malquerida, and we were actually pretty disappointed. (first time with our food experience there) The guy wasn’t real upfront with us that they didn’t have their liquor license, but when he said they didn’t have one, I felt like we should still eat there. (I had read about that happening with the new President or something, and I didn’t want to hurt their business just because of that) Well, the food was very good, but when we were brought our bill, there was an extra charge on it that looked like a tip. (which would have been fine) But when hubby asked about it, he said it was a tip for the bartender and the cook, but not a tip for the waiter so you still had to add that in. None of the other places had done that to our bill, so that left kind of a bad taste in our mouth.

    Well, the next day, June 23rd, was our last full day on Isla so hubby and the kids wanted to go snorkel again. We went back to Garrafon Castilla Beach Club, and spent the morning, lunch and part of the afternoon there. That night we decided to go back to Don Chepos (we get in a rut, can you tell?) and had dinner. But, our daughter didn’t eat much and after dinner wanted to go back to the hotel with an upset stomach. We have never had that happened traveling to Mexico, but she had it until we went home. Hubby and our son went shopping a little then and then had some homemade ice cream, vanilla, which sounded like it was great. Another night was done.

    June 24th arrived and we decided to find a place for breakfast and then head over to Cancun. We figured even if our hotel room wasn’t ready (we stayed there before) we knew they would hold your stuff until it was was. We ate breakfast at Bamboos, and it was great. Unfortunately, our daughter stomach was still kind of upset but she was a good sport. We took the ferry over to Cancun, and then found a taxi. This year (last year we were taken advantage of) we had the taxi rates in our hand, knew how much it should have been, and everything was just fine. We got to our hotel, the Gran Melia again, our room was ready, and we were on our way. By this time, we were ready for a pool, which was good because unfortunately that beach there now is really rough and this year even had a sign warning about rocks. The first year that my hubby and I went there the beach was pretty calm actually (I think it was 2003) but after Wilma it has been changing and getting worse. It was fine though, the pool was great. My husband’s friend from work just so happened to be in Cancun at the same time (his buddy was renting a place at Salvia for 5 weeks) so they came over and hung out with us at the pool. Then for dinner we went to Carlos ‘n Charlies, and for those of you who don’t know, we have a waiter there that we visit and keep in touch with and so made sure to see him. We had a Minnesota t-shirt for him, and both of the kids had made him a card. It was a wonderful time, he was able to sit and spend about an hour with us before he had to work and then it is always so fun to be at that restaurant. Our son was getting tired though, practically falling asleep at the table (it was only 9:30) so it was time to go back. We had a great time though, and our friend really took care of us.

    The next day, June 25th, we had breakfast at McDonalds, I know, crazy, and then headed to do some shopping at La Isla mall. We found some stuff there that we wanted, and went back to the hotel. We spent that day in the pool, it was our last full day there, and when we got hungry we just got some sandwiches from the store in the hotel. When we were going to figure out dinner, we stopped first at Plaza KuKulcan mall and did some more shopping, had some ice cream to hold the kids over since we were going to eat later and then went to dinner. The kids wanted to go to Hard Rock Café, since we usually go there with them. (although we were at the one in Minneapolis in March for our daughter’s golden birthday, they still wanted to go) After dinner it was starting to sprinkle, and then by the time we got on the bus, it was pouring!! When we were dropped off on the road by the hotel we tried to wait it out a little by a shop, but it wasn’t letting up. We were soaked by the time we made it to the room, but it was still a good night.

    The next day, June 26th we were going to be picked up at noon to go home, so didn’t do too much. We took some pictures down by the water, we may have our Christmas card picture, and then ate at McDonalds again since it is so close. We got back to the hotel, finished up our packing and then checked out. While we were checking out and waiting for our ride, it started to rain and pour again, which made it easier to go home. Our ride came at noon and we were dropped off at the airport. We had a lot of time to kill, so we ate Dominos pizza and then waited for the plane. Things went smoothly again, and we had another great vacation. Hubby and I are going in March with another couple to celebrate our 15 year wedding anniversaries, so we don’t have as much time to wait until we go back. Then though he wants to maybe try a new place, so that is sad for me. We’ll see where we end up. (I would go to Cancun every year if I could :D )

    If you want to see some of the pictures, you can find them here:

    We had over 500 pictures, but this is probably a good sample. Some of the pics may be a little out of order, the ones from my daughter's camera but you get the idea.

    Thanks all of the help that I always get off of this board, and also from people that have helped us figure things in personal messages too. (you know who you are) This board is great and I am glad that I found it after Wilma hit.
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    Great report!

    Your children are adorable!
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    Trip Report

    Thanks Janie, you are the one we aspire to be like. :D

    We think our kids are pretty adorable too.

    I love reading the trip reports, so I make sure to post a report after our trips too.
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    Great trip report - and awsome pictures! We've only been to Cancun in the Feb-March time frame, so never experienced rain like you guys did -- boy did you get soaked! Hope you have better weather when you go back for your 15th. Where will you be staying? So far we've stayed at the Royal Islander and Royal Sands. Loved both!
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    It sounds like a great time. Your family is beautiful
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    Trip report

    Thanks for the nice comments, I appreciate them. Luckily the rain didn't affect any of our plans, which was great. :) It was funny, I hate rain and getting rained on, so that was why hubby had to get a pic of it. We aren't sure yet where we'll stay for our 15th, we usually stay on the east side but the waves have gotten so bad at our "usual" place that we are considering alternatives. Last year hubby and I stayed at the Presidente where the beach was beautiful and calm, which our friends would like a swimming beach. But we want to start figuring it out soon, I had heard that September and October are the times to book for the month of March to get decent prices.
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    great report and pics Amers, looks like everybody had a great vacation!
  8. angels_among_us

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    yay! great photos and sounds like you all had a blast!
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    Thanks for posting the link to your great pics! I *heart* Cancun-area pics. That water is amazing.... my wedding color is in that water!

    Thanks also for taking the time to write up and post your review! Sucks your little one felt a little sick, but I'm glad you made the most of it all and had a good trip anyways... stupid rain!
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