Trip Report Mar 3-10

Discussion in 'Grand Oasis Viva' started by somebeachsomewhere, Mar 13, 2014.

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    And you should be psyched lol. When you're watching trip reports, here's something to keep in mind that's often overlooked..........people generally feel more compelled to write or voice about a negative experience than they are a positive one. Unfortunately that's just human nature. I would venture to say that approx 50% of people who have a negative experience follow through with the "need" to tell/warn others (whether or not they hoped for some type of compensation or extra from the resort or not) while only 10-20% of people (if that) who have a positive experience feel the same level of "need" to advise others. A good example of this is watching the news on TV.........80-90% of it is negative in nature if not more.'s just human nature, but something to keep in mind while watching trip reports. Sometimes it's hard........but the "glass half-full" attitude will always gain more ground than the "glass half-empty" attitude. Enough said.......have a great trip guys.
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