Trip report July 12 to 20

Discussion in 'Golden Parnassus Forum' started by smokeeater777, Jul 23, 2017.

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    well check in great front desk friendly. Made it to room 509 and had two double beds instead of king but no big deal. We could have changed but had to wait till Tuesday. Went to pool and ocean beautiful as was the beach.

    Pros. I cannot express in words how friendly the staff waiters or anyone was. U ask u get.
    Food. Anyone that complains bout food here is an idiot. I've been a firefighter for 30 yrs and know good food and every restaurant was superb.
    Old barn order ribeye u cut it with a fork it's outstanding.
    Ordered grouper at seafood restaurant and portions at most restaurants small but just order two they are happy to oblige not a problem. We also got shrimp cocktails which were great.
    Like I said I've been to cancun 7 times and no place compares to the food and service

    Folks please tip tip tip tip I brought 160 one dollar bills and u can't imagine the smiles and service u get they deserve them.

    Alcohol good after three four days it kinda all taste the same so if u want quick buzz order tequila shots but order japalena tequilla it's called Mexican viagra.

    Entertainment. Sucks bad now they try but it's terrible except one nite had young guys singing that one of the boys good go on a talent show.

    Around pool is bingo and exercises and tequila volleyball and that's bout it. Also volleyball on beach.
    If this resort had better entertainment and games and topless at pool it would be 5 star

    Topless at pool only once my wife and friend first day just did it and everybody loved it but that's before we read on rule board no topless allowed at pool. No one stoped us but I feel eventually they would have

    Beach topless was there 8 days saw one laying in chair topless.

    This is a beautiful resort as far as amazing food and 5 star service. Needs some renovations had one girl cut her toe on bottom of pool so just be mindful with that

    Tiki bar outstanding
    Body shots yes we saw several no nudity just maybe a boob every once in while but pretty tame
    Had great time with two couples who were TTR folks like us tho
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    Thank you for the trip report.
  3. vacationfun2

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    Thanks for the review. Too bad about topless at the pool, recent changes under new ownership I guess. Thanks again.
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