Trip Report - Aug 26th to Aug 31st

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    It was one fun trip.

    26th: Got to Temptations....checked the room out and it was really nice. We can tell it was recently renovated. Plasama TV and we can't stop watching channel 12 and 14 for first two hours, haha. Iron was missing, so we called front desk and they supplied new iron within 10 min. Then off to sexy pool and got hammered. Show couple of friends from Cancuncare and tell them hi. By them time, I wasn't too drunk so I was still shy:) Anyways, then came back in the room by evening, changed and went to buffet place. Really nice food and then off to front bar where real party scene was happening. Met many single gals down there from all over the world. It was really cool, then off to Nice Shoes for Singing Contest, which was fun by the way. And, last but on least, off to the Basics at 10:30 in party bus....what a fun, didn't got back till 6 in the morning. That was day 1st, haha.

    27th: Woke up around noon and went straight to sexy pool and show some Adult games, hahaha, Man that was real fun. You lose, you either get naked or take shot of tequilla. Talking about tequilla, that's when I saw Tequilla King, haha. It was really cool meeting him, we talked for bit and then started drinking again. Off to the beach volleyball.....oh this is best much fun, be sure you guys play beach volleyball. Got drunk again and jumped into pool and met many single/married women again, and it was good times. We had reservations for TexMex but couldn't go because we were too occupied in the sexy pool at 7:30, haha. We didn't get out till like 9:00 and then went off to the front lobby bar again and start getting hammered. There was something else going on at Nice Shoes, don't really remember but it was fun. Second night, we pretty much went back and forth from Nice Shoes to front lobby bar to sports bar and mingle with chicks at the hotel. There is so much things to do in hotel in the night. This night, we made many friends. By this time, we didn't feel like we were alone there.

    28th: Again off to the sexy pool at noon and enjoyed those adult themed games...and start talking with other couples/singles from the hotel. By this time, we pretty much felt like this is big happy family. I mean I literally walked by pool and I knew majority of the people in the pool. Granted, there were some cockblock Cuban guys at Temptations who were "trying" to make out with every single chicks at Temptations. But, except them all the others were cool and it was so much fun. Rest of the day we played beach volleyball for almost 3 hours and got drunk. My friend was off the hook by 9. That's when he lost $280 from his wallet. Yes, he made big mistake of brining his wallet to the pool and he saw on swinger chick in the pool, so he got tempted and jumped into pool trying to mingle with her. By 11 in the night, he told me that he lost his wallet. So, we went to front desk, well, we recovered the wallet but all the cash was gone...everything else was still there.

    29th: We starting to hear rumors about hurricane and stuff. But, we knew it wasn't going over Cancun. So, everything was cool. Other than playing beach volleyball and getting drunk with tequilla king, we went to Asian buffet. Food was AWESOME. We had reservation for myself and my friend, but we told them that we have two other friends who wanted to join us and they were cool enough to let them in. Too much fun at Asian buffet, can't beat good wine and good food. Then, off to Basics....This club is rocking....Almost like those clubs that you see on E! TV. Hip look and very cool place. Met many senioritas here and had a good time.

    30th: This day was chill out day. We took it easy on drinking and just relaxed in the pool with other friends we made. We didn't went to bed till like 6 in the morning on that night....we ending up takling that late and mingeling. But, I heard that Tequilla King had real good time that night, haha.

    31st: Woke up at 9:30, packed our bags and left at 10:00 to the airport. This day many people went on nude cruise. Too bad we couldn't make it, hopefully next year.

    We saw many people from this forum, they were really cool. I only remember Tequilla King from all of them, haha.....too bad with names. But, this place is chill place, just relax and don't be stuck up. You will feel like you are in one big happy family before you know it.
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    Hey it sounds like you had a good time, Thanks for sharing your memories or " lack there of " ha ha Damn Tequila lol.
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