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    This is kind of a long trip report. We have never written a report in the past, but decided to this time to help the newbies and provide an idea of the changes for the repeaters.

    We just returned from our 6th trip to Temptations last night and are back to reality. We left for Toronto at 2 am on April 3rd with no issues. We normally take the transfer to Temptations provided in our package, however, this time we decided to use Brant’s private transfer. By far the way to go. Our flight landed at 8:00 am, we raced through customs, grabbed our bags and were at Temptations by 9:05 am. Even managed to get a room at that time and had the full day to party. We will definitely use Brant again in the future.

    I think that this was the hottest trip weather wise we have had in Cancun. It was 30 degrees every day, not too windy by the pool, and not many clouds. We spent a lot of time in the pool this trip.

    Bracelets are red for everyone except Premier/RCI who received beige. The new bracelets are kinda weird in my opinion. Thought they were nice to start with, but they are material and they start to frey after a few days.

    A day pass for visitors is $65 USD and a night pass is $90 USD.

    I don’t think there are any more actual keys for the rooms. Instead they are cards (like a credit card) and some room there is a slot for the card and others you just tap it by the door handle.

    The room numbers have changed except around the quiet pool, they are still 1100’s, 1200’s and 1300’s.

    On our trip this past November, we had a renovated room overlooking the old theatre. It was a very nice room with a swinging shower door that was also used as the washroom door. This trip, we had a room by the quiet pool behind Bella Vista. This room had one wall that was all mirrors and a wooden door that blocked the toilet and shower. The shower also had a separate glass door. At first it looked great, however, after you have your first shower, you will think otherwise. There was about an inch gap around the entire shower door and water just poured out onto the tile floor around the toilet area. . I’m sure they knew of this problem since there was a drain in the floor beside the toilet!

    We always had the AC on and never heard anyone at Bella Vista or the music coming from the rocks at the quiet pool.

    Diegos pool bar is open until 7pm now, however, the swim up bar closed at approx. 3:30 / 4:00 pm. It was definitely too early for it to close as the pool was packed until at least 6, due to the heat and day light saving time making it lighter outside until after 6pm.

    Saw lots of women wearing thongs or WW bottoms this trip. Not one thong on our November trip!

    We went on Sergio’s booze cruise on Friday night and Coco Bongo’s on Monday night. Both were awesome nights. The only other time we left the resort was to go to Walmart. In all of our prior trips, we never thought about going to Walmart, however, everyone says it’s so easy, so we thought we would give it a try. Well, it wasn’t as easy as everyone told us. Our instructions were to get on the R2 bus that says Walmart and tell the bus driver where you wanted to go, then get off the bus and it is on the left side of the road. So we sat on the left side of the bus and looked for it out the window. This nice Mexican lady sitting behind us asked where we were going. Todd said “Walmart”. She said oh that’s 5 blocks back there! Crap. We get off the bus and start walking 5 mexican blocks to a place that we have absolutely no idea where it is. Finally found it, but definitely not a situation we would like to be in in the future. To help anyone else out that is thinking of venturing to Walmart for the first time, it is about 5 minutes from Temptations. When you see a sign for Burger King or Applebee’s on the left side of the street, get off the bus. Cross the street and continue walking for one block. At this point you should be able to see Walmart (probably on your right, but depends where you get off the bus).

    Prices for the clubs are $40 per person leaving from the resort. It sounded like they were $50 for spring break.

    This trip we ate at the Italian restaurant with Roy and Sandy and the Tex Mex with Jeff and Diana. Both had great food. You do not receive coupons anymore for the specialty restaurants, just go to the Tex Mex / Margarita’s between 10 am and noon to make your reservations. Asian restaurant is closed on Mondays, Italian is closed on Wednesdays and Bella Vista is closed on Fridays. The Tex Mex is only open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Bella Vista has “carribean food” for dinner and is a la carte for breakfast daily, however, we never saw anyone in there for breakfast.

    Overall, this was our best trip to Temptations. The renovations looked great (saw some of them in November), food was good, activities staff were awesome, no problems with the front desk (the girl actually recognized us) and we met a lot of great people.

    To everyone we met, thanks for making this the best trip! I won't mention everyone we met, but... Congratulations again to James and Lydia!! Jimmie and Kimmie and B&B we hope to meet up with you this summer. Roy and Sandy...maybe we will see you at MIS.

    We miss Cancun already!
    Jen and Todd
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