Trip Report 4/2 thru 4/10

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    Another great trip to BBG/TTR. Check in very quick; we've always found the front desk to be courteous and helpful.
    Room was on 3rd floor (as we requested) near the quiet pool. As previously reported, no door on bathroom but no big deal. Bed quite comfortable. Maid service excellent as usual. Channel 12 is still there!
    Making reservations for dinner a bit of a hassle; they could improve the system to expedite the process. Specialty restaurants very good, especially Asian. Service very slow on 2 nights; once I guess some waiters called in sick. Another time we had an obviously brand new waiter. But he was very nice; we tipped him as usual, everybody is new on a job at one time or another.
    The buffet for breakfast and lunch was good as usual. The two times we had dinner at the buffet were just average food; not great, not terrible. Waiters always very nice.
    The sexy pool rocked! Met a lot of folks from the board which was fun. Chinos was his usual off the wall self (that's what makes it so fun). We were last there 6 months ago. The rest of the entertainment staff is still all there, except Alejandra who went back to college, and Asher who we heard is working downtown. The new girl is Taryn (goes by T) and they better keep her! She has a great attitude, and is a lot of fun. Not hard on the eyes, either. The pool games and activities are pretty much the same; that's why so many of us keep returning. The bartenders did their best to keep our blood alcohol level above the legal limit!
    The night time activities varied in attendance. PJ night was well attended; it morphed into a kissing contest, which we won and have Mr Slut & Ms Slut T-shirts for our efforts. The Quest was not real well attended, and there were several people there who appeared bored, mad, not sure what. I guess they were escapees from the Quiet pool. The Quest morphed into the men's legs contest.
    I can't report on the Quiet pool other than to verify that it's still there (I walked by once or twice) and still quiet.
    There seemed to be less photography than when we were there in October. At PJ night, Chinos hosted a ladies only, topless table. He chased somebody away that had a camera. I didn't notice any flashes during PJ night or at the Quest; the other night time shows wouldn't matter anyway. There were cameras at the pool, but there seemed to be less pictures taken than in the past. And people were generally courteous. 3 or 4 people asked my wife if they could take her picture, to which she always smiled and said sure. No one asked to take my picture!
    I did notice one guy with a camera and a zoom lens sitting sort of by himeself, fully dressed, just watching.
    We went on Steve's booze cruise Wed April 9. We wound up having to add maybe 6 or 8 non Temptation people (still adults) to fill the boat. If you commit to going on one of these, really make the effort to show up! It still was a rowdy ride back; but might have been even more fun with all TTR people.
    The other guests at TTR are the big reason it's so much fun. 98% of the people are great. I guess the other 2% are just in the wrong resort. I can't say enough good about the staff either. Waiters remembered us from the past. Virtually everybody is friendly. Usually the workers on the grounds crew, maids, everybody, seemed friendly- they'd say "hola"
    and give you a big smile as you walked by. It makes it a very pleasant atmosphere.
    The only hard part was leaving. Got home to a foot of snow and had to plow my driveway before I could get in. The good is I went skiing Friday in over 14 inches of new powder! Still, looking forward to returning to TTR to defend our title in the kissing contest. Later!
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