TRIP REPORT 3/11-3/18

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    This was my second trip to cancun and the first in seven years. The first time i was there it was with my family and we stayed at the Melia Turquesa (now the ME) and had a great time. Before I left for that trip I read everything on cancun that I could and found out as much info as I could. I even still have the can-do map I bought back then.

    This trip would be much different. I traveled with 13 of my good friends from college and we were here to party and have a good time.

    SAT 3/10

    Left for Chicago around 4 pm to stay at a friend’s house for the night because my flight was at 10 am on Sunday out of O’Hare. Didn’t really do to much in Chicago other than go see the movie 300.

    SUN 3/11

    Woke up around 5:30 on Sunday since we had to leave for the airport around 6. Everyone else in my party other than my French roommate and I were on a flight that left at 8 am so we had to travel early to the aiport with them. We didn’t get to Ohare till around 7 and it turned out that their flight was delayed while mine and Frenchies’ was on time. Count It! Flew United to Mexico City and then Mexicana to Cancun. I obviously made sure I took full advantage of those free beers on Mexicana. Got into cancun around 7 (both of us got the green light) and decided to wait at the airport till our friends arrived. My French roommate’s friend was flying from france to meet us in cancun and he ended up arriving at about the same time as the rest of our friends which worked out nicely. My French roommate and I who I will call frenchie from now on were 5 beers deep by the time everyone arrived. We gathered, found the apple people and got transported over to the oasis. By the time we got checked in it was around 11 pm. We had one major problem though. Our travel agent screwed up and booked one room from 3/10-3/17 instead of from 3/11-3/18. They gave the room away yesterday and 2 of my friends had to be moved to the oasis palm beach. We all showered and walked around the grounds a bit. Four of us decided to go over to oxxo and pick up some sol so we did and drank and played drinking games in the lobby of phase 2 till around 4 am. We met some big dude from Canada in the lobby who was hammered and telling all kinds of stories. Man was he funny. Eating pizza and sipping tequila. We were all in the bathroom later in the night and guess who walks in….the Canadian. My two friends have beers and he starts chanting “slam that $hit” and we all make them slam their beers. A had great time this first night just chilling with good friends.

    MON 3/12

    Woke up..freshened up and put sun screen all over. We all headed down to the beach and started to get our drink on. We drank around the pool all day taking shots etc. and I got straight black out drunk. Eventually I tried to make it back to my hotel room, but I couldn’t find it and had no idea where I was. So apparently I found one of my friends and had them show me the way to my room. I have no recollection of this at all. The next thing I know I hear a knock at the door and it turns out that I passed out next to the toilet on the bathroom floor and for some reason I wasn’t wearing any clothing. I answered the door and it was my friends. I hurried to put some clothing on and let them in. I had to find out what happened that day from them and by this time it was around 7 pm or so. They left and my roommate and I ended up passing out till around 1:30 am. We walked over to oxxo to pick up some waters and then hit the sports bar at the oasis for some food. I really couldn’t stomach the crap they had their so I ended up buying a pizza and could barely eat any of it. We ended up passing out around 3:30 again, hydrated and slightly upset that we didn’t make it out that night.

    TUES 3/13

    Of course today I knew I had to take it easy after over doing it during the day yesterday. Woke up and got some breakfast at the buffet and pretty much just lounged around the pool/beach all day. I actually walked around and made sure I snapped some photos today cause I hate going places and not taking any. Lunch was at the buffet and I’m pretty sure this was the day I first ran into KP. Of course he was doing his usual thing handing out beads and pumping some tunes. Got showered and ready and had dinner at the buffet again before pre gaming in the lobby started. We planned on heading to senor frogs but thought it was too packed when we got there and decided to go over to coco bongo instead. I didn’t end up going in cause I just wasn’t feeling it for some reason so I walked around the forum by the sea for a while and actually walked back down to senor frogs where I caught the bus back to the oasis. Our air conditioning still wasn’t working so I did what sort of became a nightly ritual for me. I had a certain spot out on the deck at the oasis where I would go and sit and just chill for a while. My roommate came back hammered and lost his key within two minutes of walking in to the room so I had to wake up and find it for him.

    WED. 3/14

    As the week went on I began to wake up later and later. Same deal today as the other days except I think I missed breakfast and just had lunch at the buffet. Lounging at the pool/beach was again in store. Decided to drink during the day today, but just got a nice buzz and didn’t get hammered. Dinner was at the sarape grill at the oasis which was pretty good compared to the buffets. The mariachi band was a nice touch. Drinks followed at the lobby bar. Headed out to margaritaville tonight. I’m huge buffett fan so I always enjoy making it to his restaurants. There was a live band performing when we got there and then a DJ came we were there for around a half hour. The place would have been a lot cooler if they had an outdoor patio similar to pat o’briens. Took some free tequila shots and drank some brews and the crew was ready to leave, but I was not. Some of my group went to Basic while the other half went back to the oasis. I walked around for a bit and of course ran into my friends near pat o’briens looking for an atm. The closest one I knew of was down at plaza flamingo so that’s where I took them. After the atm experience I walked all the way down to La Isla and caught the bus there back to the oasis. Again my nightly ritual out on the deck ensued.

    THURS. 3/15
    Once again woke up kind of late and grabbed lunch at the buffet and headed down to beach/pool for drinks and the like. Can’t really remember anything special that happened during the day. Had dinner at the buffet and drinks followed yet again in the lobby bar. Are you seeing the trend here? While drinking in the lobby the officer who we thought was supposed to be saergent dangle from reno 911 came through with a blow up doll. This guy was hilarious. He kept beating up the doll and stumbling all over the place. He eventually popped the doll fyi. Tonight we decided to do the foam party at Up and Down at the oasis. We all wore our bathing suits of course and when we walked in I could of sworn we entered a gay bar. There must have been 10 girls and 60 guys. This was more than just a sausage fest. At least we brought girls though. Got drunk, dove in some foam, helped my buddy crowd surf and saw some nudity. All in all a decent night, but I would not recommend the foam party if you’re looking to get some.

    FRI. 3/16

    Woke up around 10 today and had breakfast at the buffet. Today would be a break from the whole beach/pool scene at the oasis. Some of us were going downtown to Mercado 28 while others were going to the oasis palm beach for the day to visit our friends that were staying there. They had been coming to the oasis everyday to hang out with us so we thought we’d switch it around. Waited forever for everyone to get ready, use the atm etc. Everyone was just getting back from the atm at the banamex across from the oasis when an R-2 bus stopped and of course I told everyone this is the one we needed and I got on. Well I guess some people were still at the atm or something and I was the only to get on the bus. So I ventured down to Mercado 28 by myself and waited for a couple of my friends to join up with me. Walked around there with 3 of my friends for a couple hours. Bought some fake Cubans just to try them out and I must say they were actually pretty good cigars even if they were fake. It started to rain while we were just about to leave and did so anyways despite the rain. Took the bus to the oasis palm beach where we hung around the beach a bit before eating lunch around 3:30 at their Italian buffet. Came back to the oasis and got showered and ready for the evening ahead. Drinks followed in the lobby bar before we headed to Senor Frogs. Getting into frogs took about 20 mins. Drinks flowed and dancing followed. Senor Frogs is guaranteed to be a great time and it certainly was. Stayed there until at least 4 or maybe later.

    SAT. 3/17

    Woke up very late today. I just felt real heavy for some reason and kept falling back to sleep until I awoke around 1 pm. Had lunch at the buffet and another day of lounging by the beach/pool ensued. Had dinner again at the sarape grill which I enjoyed as much as last time. Everyone sort of wanted to keep it low key tonight as we had early morning flights. After dinner I smoked a fake cohiba and hung with the crew. I decided that I needed to make it over to Pancho and Willy’s at least once before the trip was over. We always called it Pancho Willy’s cause it just sounds better without the and. Everytime we walked past it we would yell out Pancho Willy’s. No one else really cared to go with me so I ventured over by myself for a beer. Smoked the rest of my Cuban and enjoyed a corona while sitting down by the lagoon. The place was pretty empty, but I thought it had a cool vibe to it. They had music videos playing on a projection screen which I enjoyed. They showed U2 doing Bloody Sunday at Live Aid, some doobie brothers and prince performing on the tonight show. I really enjoyed my time here even if I was alone. After Pancho Willy’s if was off to the room to pack and hit the hay.

    SUN. 3/18

    Woke around 6:30 to shower and check out and caught our shuttle at 7:50 to the airport. Our flight wasn’t until 10:20 and I thought we were there with plenty of time to spare. Boy was I wrong. Get in the mexicana line and it’s really not that long, but it took forever. They only had two people working the check in and we didn’t get through security till about 9:45. Those people at mexicana acted like they were on a 24 hour siesta. Flight to mexico city was just fine and of course I had a tecate on the plane. Gotta love free beers on planes. Connect in mexico city to Chicago on United and everything goes well except for when we get to Chicago. Yup, they lost all our luggage. My buddy traveled on aeromexico and even his luggage got lost. We all ended up getting everything back like 3 days later. Darn connecting flights.

    My pics:
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    sounds like a wild time man, a few things i read kinda sucked that it happend to ya, but overall seems like a success
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    Good report thanks@
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    :D sounds like you had a good time! thanks for the good TR!
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    now you can play in the poo and garbage on the island!!
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    Nice report and pics
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