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Discussion in 'Free For All' started by mfox4, May 7, 2007.

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    May 7, 2007
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    Well I went through my inventory of treasures tonight and discovered two items were missing! No make that three! Three items missing? Two days before the END?


    Well I knew I obtained those items. They were silly little business knick knacks from local businesses, a tattoo from a Napa auto parts store, a business card from a cell phone store, and a take out menu and magnet from Cafe' Desserte'! What happened to that stuff?

    Sabotage? Thieves?

    I hadn't moved them from my purse to the TREASURE BOX!


    Once found I carefully put them in their own zip lock bags and then a collection of zip locked items into a BIGGER zip lock bag and then into large bag categories of numbered items 10-15 in a group. Then into the Treasure Holding Box which is overflowing. The Alf phone keeps falling out. I think he needs a flea collar.

    Did I tell you I'm OCD? Yeah, well it's in full bloom, people!
    Cept now I'm just a tad paranoid.

    What if someone tries to swipe my Cancun glass?

    What if I forget the frozen pizza slice?

    Will the black cat travel well in the car?

    What if someone tries to get away with the "1067" dollar that took 5 days of searching?

    Can I hold on until Saturday?

    Will I run out of ziplock bags??

    Oh, and BTW, I got another email from my old :wink: friend Margie today. (Can't she understand how busy I am?) :wink: She's doing great. Maybe we really could be friends. That would be fun. She has a rapier wit, no doubt about it!

    Maybe I could be a personal assistant to her on one of her next movies...preferably one where she stars with George Clooney. That would work for me just fine.

    Does anyone want to see the entire list of 110 items?

    Well, I'm going to go count the items again, just to be quadruple sure.

    A girl can't be too careful. :shock:
  2. Greta

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    Oh my.. You sound like me lol.. You're gonna win this.. I just know it!!!
  3. mfox4

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    May 7, 2007
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    Big Sky Country, Montana
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    106 Treasure Hunt Items

    Billings Outlaws (indoor football) ticket stub
    Straight A report card
    Superman action figure

    Electronic receipt dated 3/1/06 (date radio 106.7 sign on air for 1st time)
    High school yearbook 1993
    Any "Y2K" item

    Church bulletin from any Sunday in April
    Original recording of the Macarena (no burned CDs or best of recordings)
    Airline boarding pass leaving Billings or coming into Billings, MT

    Autograph of a local TV person (on-air)
    Picture of "The Planet" bus
    Planet merchandise (Radio station is 106.7 The Planet)

    A black cat
    Out of state license plate
    US dollar bill with 1067 in sequence in serial number

    Picture of yourself with Planet mascot (a gnome)
    Kids meal toy
    Nickelback concert ticket stub

    A sugar beet
    A picture of your favorite planet
    "Button Your Fly" shirt (early 80's Levis shirt)

    Business card from Michael (a dj at 106.7)
    8-track tape
    A pawn shop receipt/ticket

    A blonde wig
    A can of Jolt cola
    Authentic 80's Hypercolor t-shirt (changes color with body heat)

    A bill with a $106.70 balance
    Billings Bulls hockey puck or jersey
    Netflix envelope

    Mickey mouse ears with "Michael" embroidered on it
    Airline airsick bag
    Meier Chiropractic brochure

    Letterhead from a mayor, governor or senator
    An expired driver's license
    A bag cell phone

    Chad Fink insurance business card
    Any foreign money
    A yard glass from Cancun :wink:

    Expired dog license from 2001
    Planet ad from the April 26th issue of the Outpost
    Red Lodge Mountain bumpersticker

    A Yellowstone Park souvenir
    A wrapper from a McDonald's cheeseburger
    "Treasure card" from Payless Auto

    Billings Credit Union Pen
    Holiday Station match book
    A Woody or Buzz Light Year doll

    Item from Iraq
    Billings Mustangs item with logo (baseball)
    Tattoo from Southgate Napa Auto Parts

    A Montana license plate photo with 1067 in sequence on the plate
    A Montana Cattle Drive item with a 1989 Montana Centennial logo on it
    Original recording of Mambo #5, a Lou Bega original

    Casey's Golden Pheasant item with logo (closed restaurant/bar)
    A brochure from a local museum
    Clinton/Gore campaign item

    Ricky Martin poster
    Ferby toy, original
    NAPA hat or key chain

    Original Alf item
    My graduation tassel
    VHS recording of Fast Times at Ridgemont High

    Newspaper front page from the day you were born
    Cafe Desserte magnet and menu
    Build a Buddy item

    Old Polly Pocket item
    City of Billings parking ticket
    A 1984 penny

    Teen Talk Barbie (1991)
    Frozen slice of pizza
    Light in the Attic by Shel Silverstein

    Item from Laurel Aviation and Technology Week
    A picture of myself in a phone booth (with door)
    Bulls Eye Bucks casino card

    Picture of yourself at Zoo Montana
    Songs played on 106.7 between 1:10 and 2:00 on 5/14/07
    Montana Fair, 1995 item with logo

    Sports program from 2005 high school event
    "Support the troops" yellow ribbon
    Picture of yourself with a hamster

    Text message with 106.7 The Planet in it
    State park campground envelope
    "Light It Up" postcard

    A concert ticket from any concert between 1987-1992
    Picture of yourself in a Halloween costume on trampoline
    Business card from Cellular Plus, Laurel, MT

    Any 101.7 merchandise
    Ashley Furniture business card
    DJ's Steak Palace, Laurel, MT take out menu and coupon

    High school graduation program 2007
    Back to the Future poster
    Anchor Photography flyer

    Western Security ATM envelope
    Any souvenir from Wall Drug
    Windows 95 OS disc (original)

    Women's Run 2006 shirt
    Garbage Pail Kids trading card
    Cell Plus Lockwood flyer

    Coffee mug from Y 93 FM
    Expired fishing license
    Hard Rock Chicago T-Shirt

    Piece of real coal
    Movie Gallery Laurel coupon
    Autographs from 3 Planet jocks

    A lucky Rabbit's Foot

    Four Tie Breaker Items
    2002 Billings phone book
    A picture of yourself with a genuine Hollywood celebrity
    Nickelback backstage pass from February concert in Billings
    Z97 item (defunct radio station)
  4. Greta

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    Good Luck this morning!!! I know you will win!!! I look forward to reading our winners post when I get home from work in the morning!!!
  5. Denise-n-Jayson

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    Well??? What's the good word?? I've been hanging on the edge of my seat all day waiting to hear how it turned out!!!

    :?: :?: :?:
  6. Kait13

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    i hope you won!!

    i could have given you a sports program from a 2005 high school event.. it would have been from the state championship game hehe but in all reality, i hope no one else has all the items!!
  7. mfox4

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    May 7, 2007
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    Well, I got there at about 10:05 this morning. There were a lot of cars there. I think there were at least 60 carloads of Cancun glasses and assorted treasure collections, plus the entourages that brought them.

    I made the mistake of waiting until later to get in line to turn in my stuff. I was still in line at 1 p.m. and getting more and more sunburned by the minute.

    When it finally came time to go through my treasures, I had several friends and co workers with me to cheer me on. One by one, the items were counted. 106 items checked out just fine. Next were the tie breaker items. Did I have them all? Yes!

    Tough part though was that 4 other people had everything. Everything. We had to go to a drawing.

    And the winner was...

    A blind young man and his mother.

    Awwwwwwwwwww, you all say. I know. I know.

    But you really can't hold it against someone like that, especially when he worked just as hard and can't even enjoy the sight of....


    Hey, though, before you cry in your Cancun glasses for me....

    I DID win a $500 gift certificate to a very nice furniture store.

    This I CAN use myself since Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch really doesn't need any furniture!

    See? So I came away a BIG winner because I did win a nice prize


    NO ONE


    NO ONE

    Had more fun than I!

    I loved every minute of it. Especially meeting you all and making frienships that will last a lot longer than $5,000 would ever last.

    So. be HAPPY for me!

    Cause I am!

    And you know there is going to be another treasure hunt in the fall.


    Thanks for your thoughts and well wishes. I TREASURE them

    AND YOU. :p
  8. R.I. GAL

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    :D :D what a fantastic ending to a very special journey :!: :!:

    Thank You for allowing us to share in your adventure :cool: :!:
  9. Klaw

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  10. Greta

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    Ditto here too.. Looking forward to helping on the next one.. Enjoy your gift!!!
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