Traffic Delays Likely For Up To One Year

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    The airport access junction from the main highway is being redesigned. The roadworks started August 1st and could last up to a year.

    The highway is dual carriageway. Some days Northbound will be reduced to one lane, and other days Southbound will be reduced to one lane.

    Which days are which are published on the Governor's social media pages on a weekly basis. However, I wouldn't rely on that and you should allow extra time for your journey whether you are coming in or going out.
    One couple missed the Boobs Cruise today due to the holdups. They left Desire at 9am for what is usually a 40 minute journey, but an hour later their app said their journey would take another 40 minutes. They turned around and went back to Desire.

    On a related note, work will soon commence on building a 6 mile long bridge across the lagoon from the downtown side to the middle of the hotel zone. There may also be additional delays as they build the access roads at either end.

    Add to this the infrastructure required for the new Train Maya, there's going to be lots of disruption over the next year or so.
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    Development is worth the temporary problems, methinks.
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