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    We had an absolute hoot that week! We met so many fantastic people on our second (of hopefully many) trips to Temptations.

    First people we met on the resort - Harry Bawls and Betty, hmm, or was that Hairy Bolls and Betty, or was that just plain hairyballs and Betty? Regardless, Leo and Betty are the finest kind! Hope we will see you again!

    Roy and Sandy! Well all I can say, is that Sandy is the best darn sandwich maker I've ever met! Hope to see you folks again in the future!

    Marilyn and Steve - brrrr- way up there in the mountains of CO! You two were a blast! Enjoyed the time with you two for sure!

    Jen & Todd - many laughs poolside! Probably way more that I can remember....

    Jimmie & Kimmie - the countertop???? I am truly impressed, Ms Temptations!!

    Bob & Barb!! Well now that was an experience! Wasn't it Bob?? "No, No, don't hold my nose....." LOL - sorry for the torture!!! A good old home boy!!

    Deb & Linda - it was a slice - enjoyed your company! Poker night was a blast!

    Rob and Dianne from south Jersey. Hmm, did I hear 'Shy Girl'? Oh, of course, that would be you Dianne !!!!!!!!! LOL!! Had a hoot! What a week with so many great people.

    Of course I know we forgot people - but you all were part of it, and we are glad you were!

    Don (Mr. Minerman) had to go back to Greenland a day early so dropped him off at he airport a couple of hours ago.

    Wish it was this time last month - we would be looking forward to it!!!

    Don & Ro
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