TR 4/20-27/08-capsizing catamarins and Dancin' Fools!

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    Just got back from a terrific week @ TTR! I Cannot say enuff of the dedication of the staff and the comaradirie between the staff. Arrived the end of singles week and quickey got through customs and down to the sexy pool @ approx 1130am. Ran into my friends Ken and Joyce from Baltimore, the 4 lads from Louisiana who were the casino dealers, and the two big blonde cougars from Texas. Met Taryn (hubba-hubba) and said hello to Chinos and Lalo. Early afternoon quickly saw many cervazas and tequila rounds, ending with a beach siesta for me and not waking up untill 9pm. TT get into my room and had to have one very good natured security guys to let me into my room. Patty O's appaarently would have to wait till next evening!. Next morning up 8am for a great chorizo omelette and some babana bread and pineapple-much needed and ready for anouther FULL day of fun this time. Entered the belly flop contest and failed miserbly. There was a big guy named Les that was leading the competition untill a young Canadian lad who was still pretty pale from just arriving and whom Chinos named "Whitey". On his elevated belly flop, you could just hear the pain and a sort of gasp, and Chinos turned around and was LHFAO! Whitey prevaled, and the beers kept flowing. Hung out with sisters Dorl and Cathy from PA, and Rusty and his GF from Louuisiville till late afternoon, then a short siesta and shower, off to Patty O's for cocktalles, getting ready for karoke nite. Met a couple of real cute hotties from Scotland, then headed off to Nice Shoes, and checked out the karoke playlist with Elizabeth-none of the songs are in alphibetical order. I was able to belt out a pretty good version of Sinatra's "The Lady is a Tramp", Elizabeth sang For NonBlondes, a English bloke did a real decent version of "Mack the Knife". We all unfortunatilly lost out to the hot-legs singer who did "Like a Virgin" Back to Patty O's and crashed about 130 or so. Up early the next day,, crazy darts the next afternoon and since I was th last guy to miss the board, and they were out of thongs they make you wear when you miss, Taryn "quit the grinnin' and dropped the linen", and I got to wear her top as a thong. Every time i'd lean forward to shoot a dart the family jewles would sneak out! One guy kept missing and T put a egg in his thong and hit it WHACK with her clipboard! Lost the darts, back to the sexy pool and met Nadine and Jen from NC the rest of the afternoon, and went to las Margaritas for a late lunch. Patty O's an crashed again approx 1am. Up the next day, and hung out with the NC girls all-day, when they say never leave the sexy pool believe it. That evening was having dinner in the buffet approx 915 pm two firefighters and lifeguards come racing thorugh the didng room out the emergency door, apparently a booze and boogie catamarin flipped approx 100 yards up from the rerot. It was not Steves or TTR's cruize, and thank God the approx 95 survived without any serious injury. Later in the evening a Mexican Army ship with a big Tommy-gun on it was also assisting in the rescue effort. More drinks and commaradirie, and late nite drinks @ las Margaritas. Next day felt a little rough , hung out with the NC ladies and Derrick from Niagra Falls Canada, and it was "Derrick and the Dominoes", "Bet You Didn't Think We Knew how to Rock n Roll!". Spent most of the day entertained by Robbie from Canada, aka "The Dancin' Fool" Various dancing moves included backflips and cartwheels off into the sexy pool, the Hustle, the Electric Slide" and a million others iv'e never seen. Later that evening met partners Joanne and Sharon from Calgary, and Kevin from Buffalo, and Nick and the Mrs from Nova Scocia. Up early the next morning, and if the old saying saving the best for last, is meeting a amazing lady from Detroit by the name of Fran. Spent the last two days togeather, had dinner @ the Itialian restraunt which is pretty good!!! She's there till Friday and would have loved to have stayed, but could not do that due to constraints with my job :( Cannot wait to see you again, you really made my vacation special Fran!! :lotsoflove: Also met Elrod and PJ, Dave in TN, and 7 foot Dave and his GF. Also met the Mr Original Hairy balls and his daughter Brenda. Anouther highlite that day was pictures with the spider monkey. So that's about it, sorry it's long, and sorry if I forgot to mention you, please chime in if I forgot, I promise i'm not doing it on purpose, but met so many nice people during the week. Oh also Hello to Ryan and Sabrina from Torono, a couple of real nice kids! Again thanks to the entire staff, espcially bartenders Pedro, Oliver, and Hubert, and the one and only Chinos----you guys ROCK!!! And to all of the fantastic people I met and all of the wonderful friendships reaquainted and made anew, it was my pleasure, it really was! :D
    Todd in St Louis :flagusa:
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