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    Dec 8, 2020
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    Any idea if staff likes dollar or pesos more?
  2. MajesticMelons

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    May 24, 2018
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    We usually do 1.00 per drink. Sometimes more if they get to us quickly when its busy. 5.00 for breakfast and lunch and 10.00 for diner. If we are eating at the Saltra the cook gets his own. 10.00 to the bellhop and 10.00 a day to house keeping but more if we ask for something in particular. We also tip all kinds of other staff but that mostly winging it. Which is probably a bad thing because at the end of the night when I can barley see who know how much I am giving out
    Tip real big if you go on the Boobs Cruise. Remember you are tipping for the whole crew and they work their ass off to give you the time of you life. Also bring something for Chinos charity.
    I stay away from trying to give them pesos. Mathematical conversion allude me after several hours of drinking. I dont want insult anyone giving them the equivalent of .05 cents US or start give out 20.00 per drink because Im screwing up the conversion in my impaired state
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    I usually carry one of those waterproof plastic bags for phones around my neck, but instead of my phone I carry several $1~$5 bills for the pool. I tip $1 a drink. $2 or $5 in other areas and fancy themed restaurants. For a total of around $30~$40 daily.
    This will be my first time at Temptation though, I don't know how's the restaurant but the pool should be the same as any other all-inclusive resort regarding tips.

    Oh, and if you wanna tip in pesos, just prepare a bunch of $20, $50 $100 pesos bills.
    No need to convert, lowest denomination bills are more or less the same as pesos to dollar
    20 mxn = 1 usd
    50 mxn ≈ 2 usd
    100 mxn = 5 usd
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    I typically will give a $10 tip at the premier bar on first drink, and tend to get great service throughout the day. If it was good, I'll give another $5 or 10 at the end of the day. At Bash, I find one of the bartenders that I know and give them $10 or $20 at the start of the night and pretty much only go to them. I don't like to carry small bills while at the pool or partying (our outfits rarely have pockets), so it's a start and end kind of situation.

    Dinners I give $10 or $20 depending on service, and anywhere else we get helped I give small bills.
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