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Discussion in 'Temptation Cancun' started by Chet, Apr 15, 2008.

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    I usally go the last week of novemer. Te end of hurrcaine season (DEC 1) And it is ALWAYS beautiful weather have had to pospone trip 2 years ago because of hurracain wilma Hotel reopened the day I was supposta come home. Also as far as price I book through Apple and buy the trip insurence and then each time it goes down I get the lower price.. I book eaarly and usally get between 3 to 5 hundered off.

    Regardless of when you go or how much you spend YOU WILL HAVE THE TIME OF YOU LIFE :lol:
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    I'm surprised that Jan is the same price as Oct, as Jan is regarded as high season whereas Oct/Nov is low. Also, obviously, Xmas and New Year is normally more expensive too.

    Re hurricanes, Nurse Jackie is right, the season doesnt officially end until end of Nov. In fact Oct is probably peak season for a big one - since the Caribbean ocean is at it's warmest at this time. Of course though hurricanes dont happen every year and the chances of getting caught in a biggie are pretty small.

    If it were me I'd say go in Jan over Oct/Nov, I'd double check those prices though. Also while you're checking prices dont forget to check out the rates from Alpharooms (link below) they have some exceptional prices all year round.
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    We have decided on Dec 1 -7. So far Orbitz is the cheapest flying out of Minneapolis.Travelocity was cheaper but it went up.Alpharooms was a bit more than Travelocity.Gonna get booked as soon as our government tax gift arrives.May as well use our stimulus for something fun aye?

    Thanks for all the info guys!
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