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    I am trying to sell a few things that I no longer need. I have put photos and information on Photobucket. Check out the link and go to the Thinning Out Sale Album.

    Area Rug - Like New - 120x180 - Brown $200
    Area Rug - Like New - 180x240 - Burber, Nice, Earthtones $300

    New XM Radio - New in Box MAKE OFFER

    Artsy, Hand Painted Vase with Lid $200

    Inverter for using A/C items from your cigarette lighter or similar power supply $200

    Heavy Glass Vase for Flowers - Bought at Dorian's for $260. Really nice. ONLY $130

    Rival Blender - Good as new SOLD
    Master Gourmet Toaster Oven - Ugly but works perfectly SOLD
    Small, white waste basket for bathroom or bedroom SOLD
    Reading Lamp SOLD

    THINNING OUT SALE pictures by tcarter789 - Photobucket

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