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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by opusrex, Mar 21, 2007.

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    oh well; we booked Le blanc for end of May thru June; probably should have done BBG, but we were looking for relaxation, but now feeling as if we will be missing out - been previously to ASP and Desire a number of times, just looking for new scene, but think there will be no intercation or fun with other guests at Le Blanc because of the age diffrerece- early 30's couples here - your thoughts?
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    Le Blanc Spa Resort is one of the top rated, All Inlcusive, adults only property in Cancun's Hotel Zone. While there will probably not be as much interaction between you and other hotel guests there in comparison to others, I would still look forward to having an excellent, high end, super pampered, wonderful time.

    I prefer to look at it this way, if you were looking forward to socializing with other guests, just plan to do that when you go out to the clubs at night. Furthermore, this gives you a great reason to return to Cancun in the future, to try out the Blue Bay Getaway.



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    :D That place looks great.. But very $$$$$$
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    Expensive places, in my experiance, tend to be sorta snobbish. I don't book those hotels cause I like to interact with people, learn new things, try new things, etc.

    Good Luck!

    Please come back when you return to let us know how your trip went.

  5. R.I. GAL

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    You could always get a day pass to hang out at BBG or just wander the beach to meet interesting people.

    Try to keep a positive attitude, smile , relax and enjoy :D
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    A friend of mine use to be a bartender at Le Blance.

    He use to work at BBG and then a few other places so the change in atmosphere took him a bit to get use to.

    He told me on several occasions that while Le Blanc dfinitely had it's share of stuck up snobby people, it also had it's share of people who were very nice an friendly and out to have a great vacation and meet new friends.

    He left there about 6 months or so ago but I'm sure the same still applies.
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