Things you will/won't miss about being at home...

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by Jodie :-), Feb 21, 2005.

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  1. Jodie :-)

    Jodie :-) Guest

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    Is there anything people are going to miss while they are away?

    Im gonna miss my sister heaps, she can't come. Im also going to miss a decent cup of tea!

    I won't miss the weather, work and all the miserable people i have to encounter on a daily basis :mad:
  2. whdream

    whdream Guest

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    I miss my cell phone...
    Stupid I know. But weird not hearing my phone ring...
    One thing I WILL not miss is this weather...Another 15cm's of snow today...grrrr
  3. LLV

    LLV Guest

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    I will miss my dog - (and no im not referin to the gf :wink: )

    Seriously tho he's a cool guy and im sad to leave him :cry:

    oh well Im sure i'll meet plenty o' dogs in cancun that'l keep me company. And who knows, maybe after a few beers I'll want to 'keep them company' too - heh heh :lol: :wink:

  4. jtslav

    jtslav Guest

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    i will miss my car!!!!
  5. muttleyp

    muttleyp Guest

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    The second leg of the champions league second round matches.
  6. EngineerGuy

    EngineerGuy I can choose my own title Registered Member

    Apr 15, 2004
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    I WON'T miss the snow, all the homework and school work, classes, work!!! ILL be enjoying the sunshine and beer in mexico!!
  7. steeler7

    steeler7 Guest

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    won't miss school. wont miss weather. will miss freinds (not all that much though). will miss good weed.
  8. Mad-Ad

    Mad-Ad Guest

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    Things I wont miss is my 'Nasty' ass sister from London........ Oh no wait a second she will be there too.
    :announce: Buggar!


  9. Matty30

    Matty30 Guest

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    The one thing i wont miss is the plane!! lol

    the 2 weeks will be a blast and the catching up with friends and family when i get back will be great their is no bad side...

    And i would say i might miss some food! but hey we can't eat any of the food in the UK now anyhow lol...

    Just came back from Tesco's and had to throw all my shopping out of the window!!!!

    Cu all their!!! sometimes in double vision (u'll be the one on the left lol)
  10. Nannerz

    Nannerz Guest

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    I'm gunna miss my friends and family.

    I wont miss anything else back home. Not the weather...nooothin! The fact that I quit my Job this last friday so I could go on this trip! My boss was being an ass and snapped and saidthat i might have to cancel my flight and work instead.. when they dont even need me.. its tottaly covered. So I told him fine heres my two weeks notice. So up MY last day is march 4th! Then march 12th I'll be in Cancun.. dont wanna come home though to no job... :?
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